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i just purchased a pre paid card for 2 months and tried adding it in the redeem game card part and it just refreshes the page?? i tried it on both my laptop and pc. Is this because i only have the downloaded trial wow setup or what? dont wont to have wasted that cash :(
If you're on a Starter Account, you cannot add game time to it. A Starter account doesn't use time. The account must first be upgraded to the Battle Chest, which btw, gives you 30 free days when you upgrade the Starter Account.
oh yeah i understand that but i also have the first version of wow which i bought ages ago. I tried using the key where it has the option but it does the same thing just refreshes the page or says an error has occured???
Okay, it could be a browser problem. Try clearing your browser temp files and cache or a different browser if clearing files doesn't work.
sorry im not good with this stuff.. how do you do that? is that just deletin the temp files? I also try installin the game again but it stops at 7% on a mod. or somethin and people tell me i already have the game installd so i uninstalled everythin and it stills stops at 7% :( ahh i just wont this sorted
Had to find a post on clearing the files. Here's how to do that:

Make sure your Browser is up to date. Also clear its history,cache and cookies

Interent Explorer?
Close the Browser.
Control Panel.
Internet Options.
General Tab
Browsing History
Delete all.

Retry I.E.

With the browser open
Then close and restart the browser

Make SURE to close your browser and open a NEW one
i think i found the problem but correct me if im wrong.. it said to use the pre paid card i need to upgrade to a battle chest, it gave the example cataclysm.. i only have the original wow game so does that mean to use my pre paid card i need to go and buy or upgrade to the next instalment? because the disk is damaged or somethin is wrong and wont install the game anyway..
thanks for your help btw
The key from the version you bought should upgrade it to Battlechest, if that key has not been used before.

If you've been playing the Starter Edition, you already have all the software so you don't need to install it. You just need to enter a valid key in the page you get to by clicking on the Enter a CD Key buton.
I think you are confusing your starter - with another account.

That must be on another email - because I don't see it on this

To add game time - you have to upgrade the account to at least a full version. If the starter is the one you want to use.

If you wish to pick up on an older game that you had already upgraded, you'll need to log into the account that one is on to add gametime and reactivate it (or merge it to this if it's so old that was never done).
i have the panda expansion and it wont let me add time
Same with me.
Im having this problem also. I purchased a card from walmart and when i input the card i get a general error no details and ive checked the code 5x at least, still not working
I had this same problem, i could only get the code to work by entering the code under the add game key button on the accounts tab in the mop deluxe edition box
Ditto. I enter the card number then submit and get this error:

Enter a game key for a World of Warcraft title (such as Cataclysm) to upgrade a World of Warcraft account. If you have multiple accounts, you will be able to choose which one you wish to upgrade in the next step

I am not entering an upgrade key. My game is upgraded to Mists and I have a "full" game.
I did as Taiven said and everything is fine. Other than it's says its a 30 day card (Actually 60 day) but the billing terms are for 60 days. Good QA.

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