[Bug] Display Only Character Achievements

Bug Report
The option to Display Only Character Achievements is not working at the moment.

I have it enabled on both this character, and Reta, my Shaman on Darrowmere. When I log out of the forums and go to check them both, they are both displaying shared achievements and Feats of Strength.

This character has I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am, but my Shaman does not. My Shaman has A Tribute to Insanity (25 Man), but this character does not. My Shaman is showing the ICHYOTSOHAIA achivement, and Tiriel here is showing A Tribute to Insanity.

My Shaman does not have Glory of the Dragonsoul Raider, but she is showing the achivement when I look at her armory.

Please fix this. Sites like GuildOx are using this out out alts.
I also just noticed this on an alt. After logging in to check some stuff on it and update its armory the armory displayed the account wide achievement number rather than the number for just that character. The box to display achievements for that character is in fact checked- I logged on it just to make sure and am even looking at it right now online. Box checked, I toggled the box on when account wide achievements went out, but now the armory is ignoring it. The box has not been unchecked since I went through checking them on all my alts.

And like Tiriel says, this is allowing datamining sites to create lists of my alts when I'd really rather they didn't and had even checked the box so that people didn't get any kind of mistaken impression about my leet skillz on a profession alt that I facerolled to max level.

(I just checked GuildOx's list of my alts.. all of them are wrong. It's kind of funny.)
I can confirm that it is still not working (almost 10 days after was reported here).

If it can't be fixed right away disable the service offering information about achievements until you fix it.

Just because GuildOx uses a hashing method on achievement dates and sometimes different accounts have the same hash and they display inaccurate info doesn't make it safe.
As of today this is still an issue. It's been reported to the web team as well, and they have indicated that the bug is not on their end.

I am unsure if this is a game error, a battle.net error, or something with the website but this bug has been in place since the hotfix addressing the pet achievements/questing that occured early in October.

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