Adult 10 man 2nights/week 2/6 LF RDPS/Heals

Guild Recruitment
Wanted: Mature twisted slightly south of sane skilled dedicated players willing to go insane, to go splat, to take it on the chin, in your gut and up the butt* The Pandarian Way and having a blast doing it all in the name of guild progress......................

*in a virtual masochistic boss-eating-your-face sense, with no implications nor cares regarding your sexual orientation or favorite positions. MT does not discriminate against players based on race, species, creed, the ability (or lack thereof) to fart the alphabet, sexual orientation, how many nipples you have (although disclosing such information may be in your favor) or the color of your tusks, horns or tails. MT does discriminate against immaturity, drama queens, gnomes and loot hookers.

Who the foo are we??

<Masochistic Tendencies> is an adult 10 man progression raiding guild. We were founded in December 2009. We are a level 25 guild and enjoy all perks therein. We are a very active social bunch of team-oriented goofballs who welcome like minded players.

When do we raid?

We'll be running 4 10-man raid teams beginning October 9th:

Team Moist: Tue/Wed 9:15-11:30pm EST
Team Needs a New Name: Wed/Thurs 9:30-11:30pm EST
Team Needs a New Name: Thurs/Fri 9:30pm - 11:30pm EST
Team S&M : Sun/Mon 9:30-11:30pm EST

What Have We done?

T13: 8/8H
T14: 2/6

What Do we Need?

1 Healer for our Sun/Mon raid team
2 DPS (at least one ranged) for our Thurs/Fri raid team


If you have questions. contact one of our Officers:
Recruitment Officers: Kykki (GL), Reluu, Starfire, Pyxxie
Raid Officers: Aelithe, Crixius, Mavrospally, Rodin, Yakkx

My battletag: Alykii#1736

Or visit our website!

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LOL <3 Aly!
you watched it and sang along didn't you?
10/05/2012 09:28 AMPosted by Kykki
go insane, to go splat, to take it on the chin, in your gut and up the butt

Infectious is currently recruiting for 10-man raid content for Mists of Pandaria! These are Core Positions for our new Weekend Raid Times! We are located on Elune(US) Alliance.

Raid Days & Times
Friday-Sunday 6:00PM-10PM(Server/Central) (7-11 Eastern)

Currently Seeking...
1 Healer-Preferring Holy Paladin or Resto Shaman
2 Melee-Rogue & Either Warrior/DK/Ret
(See Requirements Below)

No Drama-Bring a good attitude, be respectful.

Maturity-18+ We're a fun guild with an adult atmosphere where mature content is not only allowed, but often instigated. With that being said we get !@#$ done.

Attendance-Near and consistant 100% attendance is required for raid positions. We understand that real life happens, just don't make it habitual. As a small guild we may not have replacements for everyone, especially since we run with a core group.

Performance-Everyone is expected to perform at a professional level and bring your "A Game" to every raid. A lot has changed with Mists of Pandaria.. Learn it and embrace it!

Required Addons
Ventrilo-Microphone not required, but you must be able to listen to instructions. Prior to being brought into the guild you will be interviewed on vent.

Deadly Boss Mods-Big Wigs, etc. Don't stand in it if it hurts.

Loot Distribution
As a small guild focusing on 10man content we just use a free roll system. If for whatever reason we are struggling in a certain area or encounter due to a specific gearing issue we may opt to give gear to a specific player taking Attendance & Performance into consideration.

We welcome casual & PvP players who are interested in hanging out with us when we aren't raiding, alt runs, etc. Whether you just want a fun, mature atmosphere or if you're tagging along with someone who is a raider, come on in!

If you're interested in applying add me! For the Subject put "Guild Application" and hit me up if i'm on. If i'm not, I'll see you when I log on!

Once I get a hold of you I will invite you on vent for a brief Interview.
thanks for the bump - but this is a guild looking for a tank, not the other way around :)
Looking for heals and ranged

Do doo dee doo doo
Still looking for heals and ranged.

Still looking for heals and ranged. You know you wanna!

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