Leveling up to 90

My sham is 85 atm, he has bad gear, I was wondering whats the best spec to level with? Seeing how by the time I hit 90, I have decent greens and blues to start PvPing. So ele or enhance? Thanks :D

I was server first Shaman on my server and I went with Enchance. It uses little to no mana and it has excellent CD's for moving quickly and tagging mobs.
I went with Elemental myself. It was OK, but it felt like it lacked power at times, taking longer to kill some enemies. Elemental didn't start to shine until 90 and better gear.
Doesn't matter. As soon as you get to Pearlfin Village, find the Adventurer Supplies vendor and upgrade every slot you have.
i levelled this guy elemental and will be levelling my second shaman enhance. and so far ehance seems to be better. healing storm for instant heals the heal a LOT plus better defensive cds and ... while levelling having to cast with melee mobs in your face just feels clunky to me
u can buy starter gear from vendors if you have !@#$ gear. its 388 ilvl greens
I leveled using ele and it felt underpowered at times. Wish I had gone enhanced from what I read now...But what is done is done.

Just make sure to move to the next leveled area as soon as you ding. Don't waste time on lower quests/mobs.

*And +1 to buying starter gear. It'll be a couple hundred gold, but worth it if you have bad gear to start with.
Where is this magical starter gear I've been wanting to change to enhance but don't have the gear :/
Server first ele shaman, always will be ele! Legendary helped, tbh. ^^
Elemental can feel weak at times, especially without Mastery or Echo of the Elements procs. I'd say Enh has better mobility (as in a previous poster said,; mob tagging, etc) and defensive cooldowns as well.
Ele has been feeling a bit weak. It tends to be very reliant on mastery and EotE working together. When your mastery dips due to stat readjustment from leveling the change can hurt a bit.
But make sure to go to the adventure supplies vendor, get any upgrades, then head back to SW quick to reforge if necessary. It really helps.

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