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I just purchased WoW last month and I love it. Its still confusing but I absolutely love it. I have two characters :-) if anyone has some advice especially on guilds please share
Blizzard has released a new program specifically aimed at new players, called the Guild Mentor Program. Read more about it here:
The New Player tip stickies in this forum have a lot of good information.

Don't be afraid to guild hop until you find one that suits you.
If you have any specific questions about the game please feel free to make posts on this forum to get some help.

As far as guilds go the guild finder button is especially useful in looking for new ones.
Welcome to Azeroth ..!! Enjoy

I just started wow recently (played for about a month so far) and it's definitely quite fun (and far too addictive, as I'm already level 51)

as for guilds, if you're not a guild you'll probably receive a lot of invitations to join guilds. If you don't, you can use the guild finder (press J to access it I think) to look for guilds.
I recommend joining a guild that's a high level (maximum level a guild can be is 25. it seems like guilds can level very fast though, a guild invited me that was level 19 a few days ago, and it's already level 25)

The higher the level of the guild you are in, the more benefits you get, like moving faster (faster mount speed, faster ghost speed), more experience and reputation, and other useful things.

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