Holy Paly... dps?

So I have been leveling a holy paly with my brother and for laughs I made my dps spec holy with the "holy shock" and "harsh words" glyphs. The results were very suprising. While AoE was terrible my single target dps was topping the charts without any BoA gear at lvl 55. Dps went even higher when i closed to melee range and used crusader strike to get more holy power. So i am left wondering if this will last till endgame and if so, did blizzard intend to make ranged pally dps? Personally i think it is awsome! :)

What do you all think about it?

(my apologies if this has already been discussed)
It's not, and past 80 it starts to suck terribly. Low level spell scaling is very high, but it doesn't stay that way.
interesting thx

guess ill enjoy it while i can then lol
Blizz gave holy some dps ability largely to promote it as a viable questing spec, as well as give them a little bite in pvp.

Blizz already scaled holy back a bit, as holy shock was hitting ridiculously hard.

But yea, near lvl cap holy dps slows way down. You "can" get by questing as holy, but ret is just soo much faster. And if you walk into a dungeon past 80 in a "dps holy" spec, expect to be kicked. haha
Yeah, and they over did it with holy shock. As alot of holy pallies that were on the beta said when bliz nerfed it. Ghostcrawler said healers shouldn't kill something in 3 gcds, but it should't take 11 either. Well I can use holy prism twice on the same mob.
cant say im not disappointed. rdps pallies throwing out a couple of heals now and then would have been really cool endgame.

well thx for the info guys
Its really good in PVP-Battlegrounds i usually finish top dmg/kills.

as for PVE, I sit around 45-50k DPS sustain throughout a heroic dungeon.

For sure not Viable in a raid situation as mana regen really isn't there to last the full fight.

\/ PVP screen shot below \/ for all of you 'pics or it didn't happen' hah

Its very gear dependant as you could imagine, especially with the changes to holy shock now being more so based off of your Spell Power, instead of the base damge it used to have.

Full Heroic Gear or Season 12 PVP gear would be the ideal starting point.

Im my current gear (season 12 pvp gear)

Your looking at: (WITH CD's UP) on PVE targets

Holy Shock - 150-160k crits
Denouce - 60-80k crits
Harsh Words (3point) - 80-100k crits
Prism - 60-80k crits

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