Recruiting a Tank for Challenge Mode Runs

I'm organizing a group dedicated to spending a good portion of off-raid nights and other down times to push challenge modes. We'll be learning every encounter in the new difficulty first and then pushing for silver times. Once we get the across-the-board silvers achievement, we will start pushing for individual golds.

What we are looking for atm is a tank, preferably a blood DK but willing to accept others, that knows how to optimally itemize for the challenge mode scaling and is ready to knock these challenges out. Desirable qualities include the ability to speak clearly and listen in vent, and a good knowledge of the heroic dungeon encounters. You'll also need to have good scheduling flexibility (i.e. have a lot of disposable time to do things that don't directly increase the power of your character for raids).

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, give me a shout in game or send me a mail telling me about you, what you'd like to bring to the encounters, and of course your availability. And I guess I should say that you don't need to join my guild to do this, in case you are worried about that.
Still looking. I should also mention that we're going to be giving priority to the daily challenge mode quests to boost our VP earnings. Don't forget that this is a super quick way to earn your VP cap for the week!

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