Anyone happy with Elemental PvP?

20k lava bursts are telling me no.
If by "happy" you mean frustrated, then yes. I'm very "happy". It's like s9 all over again.
When people wern't geared in pvp gear shaman was decent. Their survivability was horrible as always but their burst still kept them fun because with some lucky procs you could melt people.

Now that people have pvp gear the burst is gone so all you have is average at best damage but probably the worst survivability of any spec in the game which means pvp amounts to frustration and zero fun.

I should have known from the second I saw our talents compared to other classes that we would be bottom of the barrel and not wasted time.
I'm a new shammy. I HATE enh. I have tried it. I hate it. I hate it's face. I hate everything about it. I hate it. Did I mention, that I hate it?

I love healing, but I was kind of looking forward to pvp as ele. This makes me sad. I guess I'll just have to heal.
I am ok with it. I am a little behind in gearing so I can tell a difference in my dmg and surv with each piece I get. We have NEVER been great at surv and have always been great with large groups. Our burst can be crazy and our aoe imo is freaking awesome.
I know for a fact when I lay into a group everyone takes notice. Of course they immediately all make a beeline straight for me and I usually end up being murdered. Though I have managed to live a long time with a pocket healer.
All in all I am happy with both ele and resto.

Besides you never reallly see ele shine till later on in the season when all the resto shammies get geared and switch specs. Then its OMG ELLE SHAMMY JUST TWO SHOT ME IF FULL ARENA GEAR.
Compared from Cata elemental to MoP elemental, we are golden - 100x better.

Compared to overall PvP buffs to other classes - we are not as strong.

That said, our skill ceiling has increased drastically with the simple addition of totemic projection and stronger cd-based totems.
10/06/2012 12:11 AMPosted by Armedine
Compared from Cata elemental to MoP elemental, we are golden - 100x better.

100x disagree.
all u guys hating on EH, ive knowticed that with the 4 set and a decent amount of PVP gear if i manage my CDs i can actualy do good in BGs, i Qed with a couple freinds and i found that useing mealstorm procs to heal or hex instead of LBs is amasing. also as a shaman i tend to get focused leavving our warior to do his thing XD.
No, no one is happy, if they are I want the drugs they are on.
Compared from Cata elemental to MoP elemental, we are golden - 100x better.

100x disagree.

His point was that Elemental as a spec itself has improved in personal mechanics from Cataclysm until now. The problem is that due to adjustments and the new talent system, other classes got far more out of their changes and Elemental got left behind again.

That doesn't mean we're good. We did have improvements. Our improvements just got overtaken by everyone else's new toys....Our 87 ability and last talent being raw damage output boosts have a bit to do with that.
Extremely unlikely any high rank comps for this season will feature an ele shaman.
Ele shamans... They're just straight up S**T. Whoever said they were better than they were in cata is total BS. I hit 3 times harder in cata, had GREAT survivability (all it takes is a brain to know how to cc and kite), and overall we were a great class.

MoP. Lol, this is just pitiful, there is not ONE class an Ele can beat. The only way to win a duel is putting a fully pvp geared shaman against a fresh level 90. I am extremely disappointed with blizzard and what they decided to do with shamans. Yes they added Elemental Blast but the only way to be successful is by getting multiple procs WITH mastery kicking in at the same time WITH ascendance and spiritwalkers grace. Literally it takes FULL potential of all elements of an ele shaman to even do decent. Blizzard, how can you possibly allow Frost mages and hunters to take complete control over any class and destroy them before even being touched; yet let an ele shaman only hit 30k crits and get demolished by any class in the game. I don't care what anyone says about ele being good. They're god awful right now.
You win some, you lose some. Enhance doesn't go well with almost all comps like mages, so I'm gearing resto after I just finished gearing 100% enhance.

Try resto if you don't like it.

Don't like resto or enhance.. seems like this class isn't for you.
I said this in another thread, but this is a spec available to play so it should be treated as such.

What am I supposed to do when im out questing? I play on a PvP server and have to defend myself, so what then?

Why even create gear to collect and a PvP set for this spec if its not even intended to be used?
What am I supposed to do when im out questing? I play on a PvP server and have to defend myself, so what then?

"A shaman? Oooh a free kill! :D "
feels like season 9 again lol, hit so low even in full contender, malovent cape and 3 dreadful pieces... 35k lava bursts max without UE buff.. just gonna level a warrior...

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