Mistweavers, staff > One hand?

So I'm looking at how they balanced this since One-handers are usually better slightly because of the off-hand enchant. It seems they made Ways of the Monk for Mistweavers to do 70% increased auto-attack damage to balance it out.

But I'm also looking at Jab, Tiger Palm and Blackout kick, which deal more damage due to the staff having more damage and thus more healing making each chi more efficiently used like when keeping up Serpent's Zeal. So it seems like that bonus in healing from Those particular abilities with the staff would make it better than the one hand/off hand.

Am I missing some type of other buff that compensates for the abilities increased by staff damage or is this how it is?
If staff quality equal to your one hand and your off hand then staff is better choice because of melee healing (for more damage)

Since two hand have more weapon damage than 1 one hand and 1 off hand with equal quality (and off hand provide no weapon damage)

Not only that you will benefit damage from weapon damage but also healing from your damage as well
So would that make Jin'ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker BiS weapon and what I should eventually go for when that raid opens?
I'm pretty sure Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm would be BiS due to the spirit.

Way of the monk makes it so 1h attacks faster so its honestly all equal.

The slight difference would be the jab damage but most of eminence comes from auto attacks anyways if you keep serpents zeal up.

Honestly though once mistweavers have enough spirit & spell power they'll hardly be up jabbing & such with all the avoidable's they wouldn't want to jeopardize melee's dying more than they probably already would in most encounters. From the looks of it though more than half the encounters from watching beta videos you want to spread out anyways. Obviously theres some you need to stack but it looks like a minimal amount of them.

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