Wild Charge Travel form

It's physics are awful, it doesn't carry momentum and it rarely goes the full 20yds. You can't even wild charge off of a ledge without it jumping 5 yds and stopping.

Couldn't it just be like a forward facing disengage?
I've noticed this a lot, too- especially while using it for random fun during dailies. That being said, it never lets me down when I really, really need it.
What annoys me most is when I need to get out real quick so I stampeding roar into travel form then use wild charge and it feels like i'm stopping, jumping, land.. then continue running forward. It's not very smooth.
When I try leaping from the bank of a river out towards the water, my stag takes a swan dive to the bottom of the water. It's pretty great
yeah, its actually pretty bad, considering how superior the humanoid wild charge is.... i would like it removed.
personally I've been using swiftness for the little bit of resto pvp I've done, 179% travel form and symbiosis on a warlock means catching me its like trying to break the casino you could get lucky but most of the time it just aint gonna happen.
I know this is a necro, but the issue remains.

And my immediate thought was "why doesn't this just work like disengage," and lo, that's exactly what the OP thought as well.
This is a dead thread. Why are you reviving a thread from 2 years ago?
because this issue still remains
I've managed to find a way to replicate it (sometimes) where if I jump off a ledge and WC travel form it puts me back on the ledge, facing 180 degrees. I need to try this in pvp sometime.
Travel form wild charge is bad. I want to able to leap off of ledges. Did nobody at Blizzard think of this? It's supposed to be fun.
yeah, its still useless. i'm fairly sure you travel the same distance, if not farther by not using the ability
10/26/2015 01:41 PMPosted by Borq
yeah, its still useless. i'm fairly sure you travel the same distance, if not farther by not using the ability

You do in fact lose distance by using it if you use glyph of travel.

tested it with a druid in guild, I used it on CD and he didn't use it at all, we ran in a straight line and after the second use I was noticeably behind, 3rd and I was over a full stag-length behind him.

Didn't test w/o travel glyph but yeah... suuuuper useful.
i'd love it if this thing worked like disengage. the only issue is that there'd REALLY be no reason to ever take transporter beast or whatever it is. twice the CD for basically the same thing? only difference would be that you'd be chargable, gripable, stunable, etc mid jump, as you currently already are, while transponder beast is silenceable. it's also currently retarded on sloped ground, just like disengage is. it also stops your movement if you use it with auto-run on, which is just dumb. the point is to go faster, not park. fix plz. kthnx

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