Raid ready prot pally LF guild

I've been raiding since Vanilla, on and off. I raided as a healer up until Cataclysm. I decided to switch based on the specs of the friends I was playing with at the time. I ended up enjoying tanking and would like to continue doing so. I led a few raid groups throughout Cata, we were one of the earlier groups to clear normal DS and down heroic Morchok on our server. People began to leave once they got the normal gear they desired and roster was changing weekly until we began backtracking and I decided to take a break from the game.

I am always prepared with flasks, food, potions. I watch VoDs on the boss beforehand. I am talkative if needed to be during raids, I was used to calling out all important abilities. I have a good understand of when to stay quiet and when to talk, if there is already somebody calling abilities I basically will only talk to communicate taunts and tank related issues.

I love raiding, and find it best to be with a group of people who enjoy progressing and work well together. Gear is the least of my worries, I'd rather give loot to another player if that means we can kill more bosses.

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