PVP stat priorities ele and resto

I know the basic hit to cap.

I am more interested in the other stats.

For ele I am thinking of: mastery (as much as possible) the rest crit. Not to concerned with haste. I feel the extra dmg fro crit and mastery bonus coupled with echoes will outshine haste.

For resto I am thinking of swapping crit for mastery. This way I can avoid spirit on everything since crits value in mana return plus we have a fair amount of baseline mastery. Not too concerned with haste here either with haste buff fro riptide.

Of course. Gem wise pvp power wherever possible.

Another option maybe just balance it so I can flop each spec with little gear change.
The thing i dont like about elemental right now, is that it really needs alot of everything to be good. it needs alot of mastery it needs a ton of haste and so much crit... i

i'd go haste more than anything else though.

for resto.... spirit. mana is a pain. especially if you're purging.
what intellect vs. pvp power?
I believe I have heard that Int is scaling overall better than pvp power does but i'd try and make sure you have a balance of both. Like posted earlier, it seems Ele needs every stat pretty much to do well.

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