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I have been raiding sense Vanilla WoW i have raided BC, WOTLK and Cata EVERY RAID INSTANCE

I'm looking for a guild with raid time starts between midnight and 2am PST end before 530am

I have raided alot and know what is expected from a raider I am not looking to do more then 3 nights a week of raiding prefer 2-3 nights sun-thurs @ pre stated times

I will bring insane dps and knowledge of every fight before going into it.

please add me if intrested aaronboyc@yahoo.ca
We are Late Night guild looking for exceptional players for our 10-man raid team. In Cata we finished 2nd on server and plan to continue a competitive raid team into the hardmodes MoP has to offer. We do not recruit to warm the bench - this is for a main raider spot, should you pass your trial period.

Baelgun (PvE) is PST

9:30PM-1:00AM PST
Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs


Guild has been together for over three years now (since BC) and does not recruit anyone under 18 years old.

We finished Cataclysm with 8/8H Dragon Soul (6/8 pre nerf)

Past Guild Highlights:

6/7 H Firelands (went back to kill H Rag)
6/13 Tier 11 Cata (completed all Heroic modes later in xpac)
11/12 HICC
Realm First Grand Crusader
5/5 MH and 9/9 BT in BC

EPGP will be used for loot distribution. Guild ranks and looting priority is based upon maintaining a 80% minimal attendance. There will be a weekly 10% decay. Offspec and sidegrade items will be offered for 10%.

All members are expected to maintain a consistent attendance and be prepared for raids. We expect our members to research their class role and the encounter prior to each raid.

>>> http://insomnia-baelgun.wowstead.com/recruitment <<<

Feel free to contact myself or any of our officers if you have any questions.
ya 930pm start no also willing to relocate to server ill pay its not biggie
Hey there <Paint it Blacker> (Blackrock - US - Horde Guild) Is looking for exceptional players to add to our roster. We are currently only accepting people with high skill levels so we can be able to raid without having people slacking off, and everyone pulling thier weight.

Raid Times:

Monday - 11pm - 1am
Wednesday 11pm - 1am
Friday 10pm - 2am
Saturday 10pm - 2am

If you feel like you have what it takes and you are interested in talking with me more add my Battletag (Undergruff#1804) So we can talk more. Have a good day.
sorry just cant raid fri/sat
wed thur fri 330am server illidan 25man raiding guild wsp me or onetimedruid


Wolves of War is a 8/8H progression oriented guild focusing on high end gaming content. We are opening our doors to fill in a few spots in preparation for raiders Mists.

We are a mature raiding guild. With a limited amount of raid time during the week, we bring a serious play style to each one of our raid comps in order to push and down heroic content. We are not looking for anyone who is going to bring drama to this guild or plan to be carried. An app must complete a thorough application process. You must have Ventrilo and the required add-ons for raiding, as well as keep up with forum and strategy discussion. We do quite a bit of prep-work on our forums prior to encounters and discussing strategy between raid nights. We expect you to know your class inside and out.
We're looking for a special kind of player--someone who is mature and fun, but can also work their class like a pro with real focus and preparation.

Wolves will offer 2 raid teams focused on high end progression:

Team 25-Man 2 Night Thurs/Sun 10-1 Central.
Team Old Ballz: 10-Man 2 Night Tues/Sun/ 8-11 Central. (tentative)

Know your class inside and out. Be willing to learn a new role as raids dictate. Veteran raiders preferred, though extensive raiding experience on a different class/spec is still a plus. If you haven't read an EJ thread on your class, we are not for you.
Have a good attitude and carry yourself with some semblance of maturity. Sense of humor a plus. Maybe you also like long walks on the beach. We like piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain. That's OK, too.
Commit to a high attendance of 80% (1 miss every 2 weeks)with advance notice of absences except in emergencies. We try to maintain an active raid roster of 12-13 players (10-man) and 27-30 (25-Man) team; this means we almost always have a bench, and members are cycled on a rotation rather than occasionally sitting.
Have a team player focus. We have little patience for loot bickering, whining, drama, excuses, etc. Preparedness is also a major factor; being 10 minutes early with all required addons and repaired gear to each raid is expected.

What we offer
A mature, drama-free environment
Access to the guild bank for raid pots.
Free armor repairs during raids for full members
All major professions covered for access to gear, enchants, glyphs, etc.
Light raid schedule and collegial atmosphere for off-night activities
Vent server
Off-night guild PvP opportunities available

Our raids are a fun time and aren't too serious to handle, so don't be shy. We take raiding seriously, but not ourselves seriously. To apply, go to Wolvesofwar.com, click on forums, register, and follow the application instructions.

If you want to talk to us, or you have any trouble with the Web site, contact one of our officers in-game: are Banak, Contagion, Bestin, Moonraker, Teniblue, Lrdscarecrow, Pokeadot and Vallayne.
Insomniacs is a late night 25 man raiding guild on the Llane server, where we have been raiding consistently since January of 2006. We raid Monday through Thursday nights, 10pm PST until 2am (1am-5am EST). Our website is www.insomniacsguild.net

We are a mature guild with a long history, and look to provide a place for like minded players needing to raid at late night hours. We use EPGP for loot distribution, and have a healthy guild bank which provides all of our raiders with flasks, potions, food, and other materials essential for raiding. We want to continue to push 25 man content in Mists and provide a place for fellow late night players to do get things done.

Currently recruiting:

All (low priority on Mages)

General Info:
We're looking for people who are enthusiastic, are excellent at their class, and bring a positive influence to the guild. We expect a high level of play from each and everyone of our raiders. In return each member can expect a friendly and positive guild atmosphere, a strong officer core focused on progression, and little to no drama.

Guild History:
We have been an active guild since January, 2006, and many of our original members are still involved with the guild. We are tightly-knit but welcoming of new members - we have an overarching policy of "treat others as you would like to be treated". The major population of the guild is working adults, and we attempt to conduct ourselves with the balanced attitude that only comes from experience in mind.

If you would be interested in joining our ranks, please visit our website http://www.insomniacsguild.net and post an application.
<Mostly Dead> is a PST Late night raiding guild (9PM PST to Midnight).
We raid T/Th/Sun, this is probably a deal breaker considering your message but that's your decision not mine.
We are currently recruiting a Rogue.

For more information: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4366252224

Please consider applying if the times fit your schedule.

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