My Launcher has been wiped by anti virus

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I recently ran bitdefender anti virus on my machine and it said there was a tojan in teh blizzard launcher and has erased it.

I can now only run the game by using the game exe direct. but this will stop me being able to patch.

How can I reload the launcher so i can run the game properly ?

Thanks for your time
You should be able to just go to your "account" page above and "download client" then install the game again. After the intial "Installation" it will then find that the game is already installed and it should run just fine. You should also after that go into your wow folder and find the repair tool and run it just to double check that your anti-virus didn't delete anything else.
Rayla the repair tool is now part of the Launcher I believe.
Ah yeah I thought that but I couldn't find it when I went to look... let me check again unless you know where it is specifically on the launcher?
Thanks for the help.

I downloaded the client and kicked it off and that restored teh launcher.

Much appreciated

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