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I've been around since 2004. I did the annual pass and I've been Primarily playing D3 since launch Im Just wondering what people think of MoP. I quit during Cata. Only expansion I personally Liked was BC. I'm by no means elitist, Super hardcore etc. My brother likes MoP so far and I've been itching to play it for the past few days. How's it fair? Just looking for input, I by far spent the most time in Vanilla. What's your guy's thoughts thus far on the game. Is it watered down more? I played the beta and i just didn't see a reason to keep playing and maybe wait for a new mmo. Just would like some input on MoP, Thanks!
I love it, The worlds they created for this one are just beautiful, the changes are awesome so far. You have to try it for yourself of course, But for me I give it 10/10 :)
Hi :) I have played since March 2005. I think MoP is the best expansion so far. Of course, as with all the expansions, there are going to be complaints and tweaks needed, nerfs and buff etc. etc. that comes with each new expansion, but if you enjoyed vanilla, I think you will enjoy MoP. Some have called it BC 2.0. Me, personally, I view it as vanilla 2.0.

I took an extended break during Cata and I am having a great time. I would recommend it to you :) Yeah it is safe to come back in the water.
The world is beautiful and immersive, the story for some zones actually makes you gasp in shock, snarl in outrage, and occasionally tear up when something sad happens. Props to the story writers this time round.

Gameplay is the same, but with a much heavier emphasis on questing to level cap and then dailies to gear up beyond that. Not required, but without dailies there's not much else. You can PVP or heroic dungeon, sure. But without doing dailies, you won't have that constant influx of gold, valor, and goodies, not to mention reputation to buy epics and crafting patterns.

I'm enjoying myself, personally. I hate dailies on principle, but that's me. I don't always have a couple hours to log on dailies every night.
Thanks for all the responses and detailed posts, I'm going to start playing it today. Watched my older brother go to bed at like 8am today he loves it trying to tell me to level my warrior first because they are "OP" but my rogue's always will be and always has been my main. Thank you everyone, the only !@#$ty thing is My demon hunter in Diablo III is finally pretty close to all BiS gear and I haven't even finished inferno acts III+ -__- that can wait though. I'll be on wow asap.
MoP resembles that of BC in my opinion, they did relatively well with the new zones; but it slows down after The Jade Forest.

I feel as though they dropped the ball for the dungeons this expansion, it is way to simplified (not that this is a bad thing, but it ruins any feel of progression) If something is easy to begin with, it will always be easy regardless of gearing.

As opposed to Cata dungeons, where those required you to think and to play cautiously. Then later become easier the more gear you obtain.

The story picks up really nice and keeps you engaged, but as stated above after the first zone it slows down to a crawl and becomes a rather tedious grind rather than a fun, enjoyable ride.

Cataclysm did really well keeping me engaged, providing a variety of ways you could level (PvP, Quest, Dungeon) whereas MoP the only viable way to level is questing.

Overall, Mists makes nicely for a new expansion and really tries its best to show that even though this game is aging, Blizzard continue to pump out high quality content for its players to enjoy.

I never understood the hate for Cataclysm, as I enjoyed the expansion (until DS stagnated for what felt like a year) I'd go as far as saying I prefer the first couple of weeks of Cata over the first couple of weeks of Mists.

Regardless, I still plan to play this game, just not as much as I used to. Maybe its because I outgrown WoW, or possibly burned out. But due to how tedious this game has become, I find myself taking extended periods of breaks while playing, only averaging 30 min to an hour a day as opposed to my usual 2-3 hours of play.

Just don't attempt rushing the expansion OP, take heed to the NPCs advice.

"Slow down, life is to be savored"
10/06/2012 06:05 AMPosted by Dramabeatz
What's your guy's thoughts thus far on the game

I think it's very good. It seems like they put so much effort into this game, from the hidden lore scrolls to the beautiful scenery. I love it.

10/06/2012 06:05 AMPosted by Dramabeatz
Is it watered down more?

Depends. I haven't tried the raid they just released, but I've tanked a few dungeons, both normal and heroic. Let's see...

They aren't early extremely difficult, but they are challenging enough to not be able to faceroll though them. They've got a lot of new mechanics too. Theres a boss in Nuizao Temple where before you fight him, you do this tower-defense sort of thing. They've revamped SM and Scholomance, so if you remember those from Vanilla, they might be fun. I'd say they did good on the dungeons, from what I've seen so far.

They've added Scenarios (Mini-dungeons with 3 people, any role) and Pet battles. Rare spawns are fun and challenging, and drop decent loot too.

Granted, some of it is very silly, like using your Kung-fu skills to punch your way out of a giant bug, but it's not the "Kung fu panda 3" everyone made it out to be.

Although Daily quests are now much more important, as you can get valor points and and gear rewards from them, they aren't needed.

In short, MoP is breathtakingly beautiful, fun, somewhat challenging, and really fun IMO.

I'd say it's worth the money.

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