State of shadowpriest in arenas... ideas.

To the eyes of most players shadowpriests are being up to par with other classes right now, some people might even say we are overpowered because of those new abilities we are given. I too, felt like arena will play in our favor while leveling and testing those new abilities in duels.

But once I got into my first few arenas I recieved a pretty cold slap to the face. The way other classes scaled in comparison to priests while reaching lvl 90 is far beyond me.

Our damage is a joke, dots ticking for 4k on resilience targets, devouring plague requiring 24 seconds of cooldown management to get 3 orbs, burst based off procs... Where a warrior will charge you and kill you within a shockwave or a mage kill you within a shatter.

If we could at least recieve orbs if we get hit for over 20% of our HP in one hit, or if we get crit, just like it was in cataclysm, and maybe remove the need for orbs for disarm. And increase our sustained damage...

Honestly I have about maximum 8 hours of playtime a week, and I dont feel like levelling another class to be able to play with my freinds in arenas...
I think you need to give yourself a little more time to get used to our new play style, it sounds like you are trying to play like we did back in cata seeing that you complaining about low dot damage.

As far as warriors and mages blowing you up, could be two issues, either your calling stuff out and you teammates don't know how to peel for you, or your not calling out when you need peels, but that just isn't for defensive either, you'r teammates should be helping make opportunities for you to get casts off by cc'ing and rooting, which shouldn't be a problem for you since you're playing with a mage.
Been playing Resto Sham/Spriest and we've done pretty well. 8-0 when half my gear was Cata gear lol. I had 290k HP buffed and we were beating Priests in full Contenders/Dreadful and full dreadful locks. Though we ran into one warrior we couldn't kill. 8.8mil healing from Second Wind. Lol. We still won the match cause we had 2 alive to his 1.
Well I guess the problem is not coming from the shadow class itself but from warriors being way too overpowered... We ran into many warrior teams and hunter teams, also feral druids are pretty rough... thanks for the help i will stick with the spriest.
VT and SW:P alone don't do much, the pressure damage-wise comes from FDCL and DS procs. As for being squishy, warriors do a damage with cd's up. Nothing new there. It is dumb that they can pop everything at once. Outside of cd's their damage doesn't seem all that great though. In my eyes it looks like you need to work with your team mates on peeling cds and and helping you setup burst opportunities, so keep your head up!

You are also pretty under-geared. Group up with some friends and grind up some more honor gear. You will be surprised how much of a difference a few % of resil/pvp power will make in your survivability and damage.

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