Played BM my whole hunter career....but now

Hipster Hunter?

"I was BM before it was cool..."

Just shut up, play what you want and don't pay attention to anyone else...
OP is either a troll or retarded maybe both!
Playing whatever's the current best spec, and unfortunately that happens to be BM.

But I feel so sick every time I get a kill that I must go to the local Catholic church to confess my sins

Confess your sins to me...

Child, the lord will never forgive you for those sins. You are an abomination. Get out of my church and burn.
I played BM through the vast majority of Cataclysm. I'm still playing BM now.

I did play SV a bit during post-5.0 and pre-87 (Stampede) because BM was just horrendously painful in T13 with the T13-2pc bonus and the Mists-level focus generation -- but once I dropped that set bonus, it settled into a much more fun space again.
Playing whatever's the current best spec, and unfortunately that happens to be BM.

But I feel so sick every time I get a kill that I must go to the local Catholic church to confess my sins

Confess your sins to me...

Child, the lord will never forgive you for those sins. You are an abomination. Get out of my church and burn.
I lol'd.

Confess your sins to me...

"Forgive me father, for I have sinned."

"Tell me, daughter, how have you sinned?"

"I'm playing beast mastery in world of warcraft"

lol'd even more >.>
BM for life. I've dealt with being kicked for running it. Been told to respec, Reroll, and delete my character for no other reason than the simple fact I run BM (meaning not because of my damage). Will I ever pull HM progression raiding damage...probably not, but I hold my own. I respecced for ONE fight my entire career, Helion in RS, and that was to MM.
i played BM ever since i was a hunter. Not for any other reason other than i like it. swapping specs to be the best just seems childish to me. Stick ty\o what you love dont be a sheep. BM for life

Even after the next patch puts us back at the bottom
I'm actually really enjoying MM running dungeons. I mean great aoe, and getting my haste trinket to pop with rapid fire then busting out quick 130k aimed shot crits is always fun. I'm usually first now, but that's most likely because my ilevel is higher than most people running heroics still.
10/06/2012 07:24 AMPosted by Mâck
I guess i am going to play MM to be different from the millions of Bm hunter fanboi's now that it is apparently the FoTM spec. Which is unfortunate because i like my Quillen in Dungeons.

So you're a hipster, basically?

Pullin 50kish single target in dungeons as MM now. Spec ain't so bad once you get your ilevel up a bit.
This is dumb. If you like something you play it. You don't stop liking it because everyone now likes it too.

OHMAGERD everyone likes what I like and I can't like it /cry

Shun the hipster! Shuuun!
This is now a hawt female hunters who want to make out with big daddy root thread.
Is. Hunters really the lowest Dps... my main killumuchtwo pulls 64.2k avrage on non gimmick bosses and peak any where from 93k to125k dependant on procs and buffs....
I love all the retards whining about the fact that everyone is BM now. Did you play at all during Wrath or Cataclysm? Hell, TBC? Vanilla?

BM has been the lowest DPS spec of all 3 specs for a very, very long time, and now it's slightly above and.. you're whining? I get the fact that it was very easy in the past, but it isn't any easier than the other specs atm. Survival requires no skill whatsoever atm and MM is just the same old MM.

In Vanilla, we were all playing BM for leveling until 60, and then we went straight to MM, with Survival having some use in WSG/AB. In TBC, everyone played MM for PVE and PVP, with some going Survival for certain 3v3 comps or with a Resto in 2v2. In Wrath, you went Survival in PVE until you had enough armor pen, then you went MM, and for PVP everyone went MM, with very few as Survival, a couple as BM. In 4.0.3, everyone was Survival, with a couple as MM. In 4.1, most were MM with SV for aoe, and very few went BM for fights that were purely single-target (because it did more than Survival but clunky fights rendered BM useless, which was all of 4.1). In 4.2, MM was king with a handful of people playing BM. In 4.3 I actually did not play my Hunter nor did I play much, so I have no knowledge of the patch.

My point is, look how long MM has been king, and Survival has had multiple times where it was right behind MM, or even in front of MM. Everyone flocked to MM. MM was the fanboy spec. BM is now the fanboy spec. I don't see the issue?
i played bm in till late cata in switched to survival when they fixed lock and load then i feel in love with explosive shot damage now. but now idk about the hunter class in whole every spec top move is arcane shot spam

never played Marksman, tried lvling up and yet again at 80 when the shattering started to happen in the focus changes came in and it was.. very boring don't care for it
I've played BM since season 4 and let me tell you this: the spec has come a very, very long way in terms of both VIABILITY and SKILL CAP. Yes, the burst damage from 2set Rapid Fire + BW + Malevolent trinket + Lynx Rush is very OP right now. But once it gets toned down, which we know it will, BM probably has the highest skill cap of all 3 specs. I need no macros specifically for MM.. I need 6 SPECIFICALLY for BM

MM requires some timing to get chimera shot off at the right time, with glaive toss on CD (but glaive toss costs very low focus), so all you're really doing is hitting chimera on CD, with steady shots x2 weaved in between and arcane shots as a filler (like BM does). Thrill of Hunt is king for MM so you dont even worry about Dire Beast.. Murder of Crows is obvious..

Survival is spam arcane, use explosive shot either to spend focus when ur capped or when its lock and load. They took the skill out of timing your explosive shots back to back.. now you just hit it twice. Survival has a load of focus.. with Thrill of the Hunt, the spec is a joke. Obviously use dire beast for focus and glaive toss on cd. Again, use Murder of Crows and try to save one for execution point so you can pull off 2.

BM is use KC on cooldown, glaive toss on cd, use arcane as a filler, cobra for focus. That's the easy part. The hardest part is getting your opener right. MM or SV don't have to deal with that. All 3 specs have very low skill cap during consistent dps but BM actually has some preparation and TIMING. Stampede, dire beast, BW + RF, glaive toss, lynx rush, kill command, glaive toss, readiness, BW, Lynx Rush, kill command, glaive toss, if your dire beast is no longer out, call a new one, and when your burst is over, use rapid fire to boost steady dps. During burst weave in lots of arcane shots (LOTS). Its not EXTREMELY complicated but its more complex than easymode Survival, AND MM. It looks like *USE EVERYTHING ON CD* but the priorities and timing is so important because of how short Bestial Wrath actually lasts, that if you make one or two mistakes in that opener, the BM hunter that made NO mistakes will have substantially higher DPS than you will.

I hate seeing people complain about BM when we have been the ginger spec since DAY ONE. Like I said before, I know it needs some burst damage nerfs (not steady damage nerfs, please for the love of god) but the fact that its the top spec is deserving, because its the hardest to play right now.

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