Hammer of Ten Thunders not lootable?

Bug Report
I've already submitted a ticket but I want to put the bug here.

This morning on Wyrmrest accord I came across the hammer of ten thunders. (FINALLY) I clicked on it to activate the item and place it in my inventory. I received the popup window that tells me that it will bind on pickup and to confirm. I hit yes, the box disappears and the item despawns. I receive the achievement lost and found but did not receive the item. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that I use autoloot. There was no latency issues or freezing so I know it wasn't that.

its so frusterating when you finally get something you've been waiting for only to find it wont let you have it D: Just a heads up guys!
Same thing literally just happened to me :(
Just got a reply from a GM via my ticket. Turns out they are aware of the issue and are looking into it!
That doesn't mean you are going to get the item when they fix it though. Since once you click on it the game never shows it to that character again.

Ive been camping two of the weapons in dread wastes for two weeks and I had both disappear on me today. I am furious. GM response was that they know but can't help, I asked if the items would be reimbursed and I got an exact copy of the first response back. Thanks for not even reading the ticket blizzard.

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