Wish me luck going to court within 3 years.

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Will be going to court against defendant Jeff Lindsay.

He not only stole Dexter from me but he bragged about it as well on a website in 1997.

Once I win copyrght and then Jeff is given punative damages then I will put Dexter on the right path.

Google about IP theft and it would amaze you how often this really does happen in USA.
If this is true, and you're stupid enough to brag about it on an internet forum, I can see how you became a victim in the first place. Cyberspace laws were practically nonexistant in 1997, btw. So good luck.
Hope you have tangible proof by court or perhaps an official registration, otherwise things won't end well.
Back in the 80s, I made a character for a superhero rpg who was killed by some thugs. He came back from the dead with mystical abilities and martial arts expertise, which he used to exact vengeance on his murderers.

I suppose I should sue James O'Barr for The Crow.
I have a feeling if somebody was actually suing Showtime(The people who own the show Dexter), they would not be posting it here on the forums and it would make entertainment news.

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