New guild: Rocks Fall. Late Night Raiding

I am forming a new guild called “Rocks Fall”. This is going to be a late night 10 man raiding guild. It will have casual hours (5-6 official raiding hours), but a focus of experiencing and killing all content while it is relevant. The short raiding time means that time will be spend between raids strategizing to ensure that our short raiding time is best utilized.

The guild will have other activities scheduled (PvP, Challenge Modes, etc), also with a late night schedule, but these will be optional.

It is expected that the raiding core of the guild will be 12-13 members; and that raiders will maintain 90%+ attendance. The guild won't be limited to strictly raiders.

Raiding Schedule
Tuesday & Thursday: 11:30pm – 2:00am (EST)
Notes: Invites 11:20, first pull happens at 11:30pm. If we are very close to a kill we may extend up to ½ hour.

Loot system
EPGP will be used, but this will largely be for attendance purposes and as a tiebreaker. It is anticipated that members will coordinate loot lists to ensure that all loot is used.

Founding Phases

Phase 1 – The Zerg
This is the only time that our guild will advertise in trade. At this point we will take anyone who shows an interest, and everyone will have invite privileges. The point to this phase is to level the guild. Expected end date for this is October 22.

During this phase there will be gold payouts at the following guild levels: 10, 15, 20, 23, 25 there will be gold payouts based on those with the highest Lifetime contribution (since the last rank) to the guild.
1St: 1,000g
2nd: 600g
3rd: 300g
4th: 100g

Note: I'll exclude myself from the list, i.e. if I'm 2nd, then 2-4 place prizes will go to those placed 3-5.

Additionally upon reaching level 25 there will be a small payout (50g-100g) to everyone who has been active in levelling the guild.

During this time I will also be setting up the guild website and mumble.

There will be no blanket kicks following this phase.

Phase 2 – The Normal Raids

I expect to start normal raids no later than October 16th.

Phase 3 – Heroics

I expect to get our first heroic kill no later than December 6th.

About me

I'm a 33 years old, been married for 10 years, and have 2 beautiful kids and a professional career as a PL/SQL developer.

I've been seriously raiding since The Burning Crusade. Some of the high points that come to mind are killing M'uru pre 3.0, and Heroic Lich King. I hope to create the same consistent, fun and professional atmosphere here that lead to those kills.

Play is an important part of life.

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