A question / concern about professions in MoP

I'm going to be using tailoring and blacksmithing as examples for my thread here.

Tailoring: The item level 476 gear (chestpiece) costs 6 imperial silk to make, nothing else. Everything else is either the same or (possibly, I haven't looked yet) lower amounts of cloth.

Blacksmithing: The item level 476 gear (chestpiece) costs 8 living steel and 8 spirits of harmony to make. Everything takes 8 spirits of harmony, and smaller pieces cost 5 living steel instead of 8.

Can someone please explain to me WHY it is easily twice as easy to craft tailoring items as it is Blacksmithing? Ignoring the fact that Blacksmiths can't even MAKE living steel and how expensive it currently is to straight out buy, or even get mats and buy an alch CD, why would one profession require EIGHT spirits of harmony for one piece while another takes zero? This allows classes like mages, priests, and warlocks to gear much faster by crafting their own items. It is simply impossible for a blacksmith to do the same for themselves due to the spirit of harmony requirement, those things DO take time to grind enough of them.
On top of that, the non-SoH material needed for each isn't even balanced. Blacksmiths need something that is expensive and that they can't make. Tailors just need some windwool cloth to make their imperial silk. Granted it has a CD unless you want to spend SoH, if they made their cloth every day [which is incredibly easy given how common windwool is] - They would easily have enough cloth for 2 476 pieces before or around the same time the BS finally got enough SoH for their piece, as well as spending zero gold to get their cloth as opposed to spending a lot of gold on living steel, or at the very least an alchemy CD.

I understand that this is basically how it has worked in the past, but why is there this inbalance? It is made even worse by the fact that one cannot BUY motes / spirits of harmony, or even mail them to another character [yet].

Does anyone agree that it seems a bit unfair to a plate using blacksmith compared to a cloth using tailor as far as gearing up early in the expansion goes? Am I alone here?
It just depends on how much time you want to spend farming for the mats. I can get my blacksmithing gear today if I farm the motes and buy the mats. Tailors must wait X days or spend alot of time farming motes (1-3 per silk I think). I inhouse all my work with my alt army, so I really don't have a problem with it.
Confirmed, as fast tailoring takes 3 harmony per silk. We're all sorta balanced, but balanced in different ways to the same end.

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