MoP Healing.

Hi there. I haven't really healed on my shaman since early wrath in Naxx, so I'm not sure what to do. I'm just wondering what my main heal is nowadays? Like do I still pretty much spam chain heal? Or is it a bit more complex? Like do I riptide (I have it glyphed so it's mostly just a hot with no cd) and healing wave everyone and use surge as an emergency fast heal, and aoe when needed? Or do I try to constantly try to hot everyone with rain, riptied, totem on cd, while using greater healing wave? Or any other strategy?

I am sorry if I sound like a complete nub, but I pretty much am at this point. Any advice or help with resto in MoP will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much :)

Highly, highly, recommend giving that entire guide a read. Should hopefully answer all your questions. I could try summing it up, but I'd do no justice compared to what you could learn from that thread. Needless to say every spell has it's place now and you'll be wanting to use all of them.

As far as glyphed riptide goes (tons of debate over whether or not to use it), I glyph mine but use it less as a HoT and more of a way to keep my Tidal Waves buff up when I need it.

Read the entire guide. It's really helpful and informative!

I don't use Glyph of Riptide because I find that 2 Tidal Waves charges are enough in a 25 man Raid.
Thanks, I will give the guide a read through, and hopefully I will be an ok healer :D
10/06/2012 03:48 PMPosted by Akiimi
Or any other strategy?

Well, these heroic things are so braindeadly easy that anymore (and this is with RT glyphed) I have no true stratedgy:

RT tank+ HWx2
(Yell at tank for standing in bad stuff- that stuff actually still hurts)
I generally go with this type of rotation if it's only one or two people taking damage. I save GHW for big damage. Healing Surge is still not in my healing rotation.

If I have to move and it's AoE damage- RT everyone, throw down HTT. If I have a pause and can get away with it, CH. Now one of the better things, if I have 1 tank and 2 melee- HR. Since hunters have no minimum range anymore, there's no really excuse for them not to get into the HR. If bad is on the ground- the tank better be moving the mob OUT of it.

I'm probably giving bad advice this time around, but honestly these new heroics are extremely easy to heal. Closest thing to a strat I have right now is using capacitator totem to help out the tank (especially when Mr Hunter pulls some mobs from the other end of the room).

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