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Battle Trance (Level 25) – Now recruiting casual/social (fill in) players for MoP laid-back progressive 10 man raiding. We are just beginning in HoF.

***Class-specific needs listed below, but we are always considering any applicant on an individual basis, regardless of class or role.***

Raid Times:
Tuesday & Thursday // 8:00 – 11:00pm (Server/Central)

Mogu'shan Vaults - 6/6
Heart of Fear - N/A
Terrace of Endless Spring - N/A

Who we are:

Battle Trance started out on the Alliance and transferred to Horde towards the end of Cataclysm. We have always been a close group of helpful friends who pride ourselves in maintaining a mature, welcoming atmosphere within our guild. It is important to us that everyone feels included and truly part of our community. We do not boast a massive roster but instead focus on maintaining the integrity of a tight-knit guild.

Although we got a somewhat late start in the expansion, Battle Trance saw a fair share of success and glory in Cataclysm. We achieved our first Dragon Soul full clear in March and went on to clear it regularly each week thereafter. A few of our members went on to experience some hard-mode content while others delved into the world of PvP. We also have dedicated roleplayers (of all skill and experience levels) who are always looking to develop exciting and original in-game story lines. Following the whirlwind of activity, Battle Trance decided to take a collective break before the expansion. Now we are back and ready to start 10-man raiding once more!

What we look for in an applicant:
We are looking for mature and laid back raiders who want to see content while still having a good time. We expect all applicants to be over the age of 18 and able to accept constructive criticism. We do not call out anyone in raid, but we expect people to want to improve and be willing to take advice when given. We also require patience, especially when the inevitable wiping happens.

We also expect a moderate level of activity. We do not require our members to be on every day, but we do not like to only see people at raid time. All professions for raiders should be at max level. All gear should be gemmed/enchanted (generous guild bank discounts). Raiders should be optimizing gear through LFR, Reputation, etc. Ventrilo is required for all raids.

We are not only looking for full-time raiders! We have dedicated roleplayers and PvPers among our ranks and plan to expand these areas in the near future. We always try to bring casual players into raids when possible. If you are a social player looking for an exciting atmosphere, Battle Trance is the place.


Paladin: medium
Warlock: medium
Warrior: low
Hunter: low
Priest: medium
Mage: medium
Death Knight: low
Druid: medium
Shaman: medium
Rogue: low
Monk: medium (tank)

Interested? Whisper Rhinn or Shaggatusks, or another officer for more information or visit our website to submit an application.

Can I join? *big pathetic panda eyes*
Sure can. BUMP
There was nothing rolling about this "15 min" restart.
10/07/2012 10:45 AMPosted by Shaggatusks
There was nothing rolling about this "15 min" restart.

*panda rage*
Still waiting.
Yea I can't get in either. *sadpanda*
I might think about bumping this post.
Hmm... Might get my rogue to come to horde then.

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