[H] Indef 10s -2/12H TOT - LF Casual!

[H] Indef are currently seeking one Casual raid member to act as a fill-in. We would request that you be a strong Healer/DPS hybrid and capable (and confident) of performing either role. You would have full loot roll rights on the given evening that you fill in, but we could make no guarantee as to the frequency of those nights. This is a position best suited to someone who is only interested in raiding very casually and who keeps a relatively flexible schedule. We will never dangle the promise of "more" or a core position over your head, it is what it is - a flexible fill in position. Please take note of this before contacting us, so no miscommunication occurs :)

Please also note that you would not be treated as a second-class citizen, but rather an extremely valuable member of the team. Every courtesy would be afforded to you, including consumables, guild repairs and most importantly, respect. In turn, we would expect you to keep up to date on class theory crafting, self-gearing and character maintenance outside of raid nights and fight mechanics. We host guild-wide LFRs on select nights to ease the pain of gearing yourself outside of raids.

Who we are: The members of Indef have been raiding Heroic content together since it was available. We’re quiet achievers, having completed 2/12H TOT, 1/6H MSV,4/4 Terrace, 6/6 Heart of Fear, [/i], 6/7 HM Firelands + Glory of the Firelands Raider and 4/8 HM Dragonsoul (pre-nerf) before taking a break in January to explore Star Wars : The Old Republic, where we completed all available Hard and Nightmare mode raids before returning to WoW. We firmly believe that Heroic content can be explored and conquered in 6 hours per week while having heaps of fun and keeping things positive. Also, we want to be nice to you! Life is too short to be an !@#$%^-.

Who you are: We’re looking for a super-keen raider who loves to excel at their class. A mature (18+, most of us are in our late 20’s and early 30’s) player who shows up well-researched and ready to raid. We love folks who have a voice and want to take part in strategy discussion and constructive criticism. We love a multi-tasker and really appreciate folks who understand the utility of their respective class. We also love people who can have a laugh and poke fun at themselves. We have no time for delicate flowers, internet tough guys or lazy folks.

We raid Sundays & Mondays from 7-10PM AEST.

Looking for more info? You can get in touch with Velly/Coffeepyre (Real ID: Velly#1791) or Valdezz/Manimaul in-game, or apply at www.indef.guildlaunch.com

Thanks for checking us out and happy adventuring!
Bump for good guild, good people and great raiders. Welcome back hope your enjoying MoP =)
Thanks so much Righteous ^^ MOP is shaping up to be a lot of fun! Hope you're doing well too :) See you in game!
Quick bump before bed - raid team is shaping up to be awesome this xpac, Gold Challenge Modes are go!
Bump, currently now looking for 1 x Tank.
Bamp! Looking for a Tank (any class) who really wants to be part of a mature, cohesive team who gets things done! Give me a shout in-game :)
Boink! Still seeking our final team member, hit me up in game for further details!
Bump for our unending quest for our 10th core member! We're recruiting 1 Ranged DPS of any class, come chat with me, I don't bite!
Hey Velly,

I am currently Resto but exploring the possibility of ele, I'm currently looking for a long term 10m team to raid with, I have 3/6 experience this xpac, have been playing since vanilla and playing shammy since Wrath. if your still looking I would be very interested. let me know!
Hi Bossington,

We're currently trialing a warlock as of last night, but if things don't go well I'll get in touch! Thanks so much for your interest :)
Get Amon to go boomkin xD
Haha Bara, he's back tanking for us, not giving that !@#$ up. How you doin?
Good thanks, starting holidays today so good times ahead. Hope all is well with you guys
Heya bara!

Bump for a great ranged dps !!

We're after someone who loves to dps and get the absolute most from their class!

If this sounds like you please contact us
To the top, huzzah!
Currently seeking 1 excellent DPS or Tank (any class) to charge into 5.2 with. Contact me in-game or leave a message here for more info :)
Still looking for an excellent dps for a few hours a week of fun raiding!
Indef is seeking 1 casual fill-in who is a hybrid DPS/Healer for our roster. It's a very specialised position so please read the top post and speak with Coffeepyre, Velly or Manimaul if you have any questions.
Bumpity, still seeking the above!

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