Mount Hyjal is empty

Technical Support
When in the zone Mount Hyjal, friendly NPC's exist but no monsters or resources (mines, herbs, etc) are being populated.

Tried leaving and coming back... hearthing and coming back.. Logging and coming back ..

Anything else I can do to get the mines to show up? Could care less about the mobs :)
Yeah this is happening to me too. I'm leveling my skinning on my rogue and thought "Oh Sethria's Roost! Huzzah!" But all of Hyjal is completely empty for me. Not 1 single mob! I'm assuming this is a CRZ issue at play. I don't know what realm you're being sent to but I'm pretty sure I went to Nordrassil and the game F'd up. So come on Blizz lets fix some CRZ's!

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