[H]10m-MASB-Thaurissan LF Tank&Warlock 1/6HM!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Merely a Setback is laid back, semi-hardcore weekend Oceanic raiding guild formed late Wotlk on the Oceanic server Thaurissan-Horde.We are a fun loving bunch of players that have been raiding together since TBC and Wrath content getting achievements such as Bane of the Fallen King, Herald of the Titans, Argent Defender, Champion of Ulduar, Blackwing's Bane, of the Four Wind, Dragonslayer, Firelord, and respective Dragon Soul Glory Drakes.

At the end of Tier 13 Progression We finished with a Ranking of US 45th For 10Man.

Our current progression is

1/16 HM
6/16 Mogu'shan Vaults

Server First Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
DS 8/8 Heroic (5% nerf) realm 2nd

TIER 12 - realm 3rd
Firelands - 7/7 Heroic .

TIER 11 - realm 2nd
Blackwing Decent - 6/6 Heroic
Bastion of Twilight - 5/5 Heroic
Throne of the Four Winds - 2/2 Heroic .

Raiding times are:

Friday : 7PM SGT, 10:00PM SVT, 12AM NZT
Saturday/Sunday: 10AM SGT, 1PM SVT, 3PM NZT
> During Progression we may add in an extra day, and usually raid overtime.
SVT Time zone with DSL GMT + 11.

What we are looking for:

- Tank with Dps offspec (Preferably Warrior)
- Warlock
- Shadow Priest

ALL exceptional and talented players are welcome.

MASB is seeking raiders who have a positive attitude, who are able to work in a group situation cohesively and are able to display the required level of skill, raid output, (high) situational awareness on a CONSISTENT basis. Such raid performance characteristics are what the guild is looking for.

What do we provide

- Top end progression.

- Laid back and comfortable raiding environment This is what we are particular about. As much as we demand good performance from our recruits, no player can perform to their best ability when given uncomfortable, unfair treatment. We are experienced in this area and aim to not only progress with you, but to also enjoy this game with you and take you into part of the family. We have recruited foreigners in the past and they have enjoyed raiding together. Therefore you can expect absolute zero and unneccesary drama from us.

- A casual raiding schedule but still achieve progression. This is also another area of our strengths. Many of us are working adults with a couple of us in the military. Therefore we understand that there are many other more important things in life than just playing WoW. Only at times whereby its for progression that we stretch and extend our raid times.

Players who are interested please contact : Tìz, Yoonique, Poolstool or Azusä.
Drop in an Application at http://masbthaurissan.shivtr.com
Battle Tag> Tiz#1968
Bumb 1/6HM Now :) WTB Warlock

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