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So my current guild <Button Mashers> (top 100 us, 3rd Korgath) Is amazing, but raids at times that conflict with my work schedule, so I couldn't be there when they went 6/6 this week. And since it does not appear that I will be able to raid with them for this expansion due to that conflict I'm looking for a guild that will.

Available any time Tue/Sat and after 12:30am (super late I know) any other day.

I have raided since WoTL, have Kingslayer, Savior, blah blah blah. Not opposed to farming herbs to help with flasks, and can cook my own foods. More over I just got my Best in Slot Dark Moon trinket for healers, and am ready to take it into some new content.
LFM to fill out the core grp in the guild i just started, reason is that i just xfered here from horde on dw server. trying to raid on weekends because of my own work schedule, a little harder to get ppl who are willing to wait a few days after reset but gotta start somewhere, let me know in game if you are interested or we can talk. havoc021#1359 is my battletag. if i ever get logged back in after this restart lol stuck after entering authenticator :(
My only issue with Weekend raiding is, I can do ALL day and ANY time Saturday, But I work 3:30 - Midnight Sunday so I couldn't raid until 12:30 am which is SUPER inconvenient.

My best bet is to find someone who is raiding Tue / Sat when I'm available to commit unlimited time at any time of day. Or to find a SUPER late night guild haha.
yea thats really inconvenient, im military so the 730 server til 12am is no good for me either, only reason im looking at weekends is cus sat and sun i can sit down all day, if i raid during the week its 5-6pm until 9 at the latest. our core grp isnt filled yet tho and as we get more to fill it were trying to feel out decent raiding times that accomodate all, add me anyway and let me know how ur search goes, if anything we'll work out a way for it to happen as an all day saturday raid rather than a couple hours a day over 3 days. idk just a thought, like i said add me anyway and if im short i can get u in for heals when we go :)

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