Log in issues.

Emerald Dream
10/07/2012 11:36 AMPosted by Cutepoptart

why is she holding potatoes and not the goosebump books?
LMAO @ Lelandrin
ooc: so you'll bring in 20 people to kill one person.

Hitokiri, honestly I don't think I can sympathize with you on that at all. I think we both remember what happened in Townlong Steppes while leveling. You seem to be just fine fighting with unfair odds.

I willsh tyish to....

*bounces off the padded walls in her computer room as she tries to slow down enough to decipher Kompressor's words*
so glad i paid my monthly subscription so i can sit here and talk about not being able to play.....
I can't log in either : /
this game is for losers
no u
not even an update on whats going on. this is getting annoying.

They put blues out pretty quickly.... on the tech forums....
Been connecting for over 40 minutes
10/07/2012 12:38 PMPosted by Ëëk


^ May or may not be related to the rolling restarts they did. I'm guessing so.
Of course this would happen on my only day off for the next 2 weeks.
Oh my god... Does this mean I have to go outside? =o
Whats the outside?

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