I am new to the game add on/ui questions

UI and Macro
I have a mage at 19 but do not like the class. I am going rogue now I have been using the default this while time but was wondering whats a good ui for a rogue? Before the servers went down I was playing with a bunch of add ons but it seemed confusing are there any rogue compilations I could just look at? I was mainly on the Curse webs site. any help is appreciated.
There are so many it really is hard to say.
Try here:
then on right side where it lists most popular ones, click on compilations and see what people are using.
The most important thing to do before using AddOns or a UI package is to decide what you want to change about the interface, and how you would like information presented. Once you've got an idea of how you want things to better suit you, finding the right AddOns becomes much more feasible.

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