Lorewalkers Rep

Completing all the scrolls for the lorewalkers gives you rep and if you complete all of them you should be exalted. I complete every single one and i'm still revered. Any ideas?
Check your mailbox.
I did all of them.
i was less than 1k rep away from exalted little did i realize i still had one of the quests in my mailbox it didn't place in my bag, and my quest log was full, did the last quest and am now exalted. possibly the same issue you have
I got completely exalted with still having 1 quest item left over.
i did so many quests in last few days with lorewalkers. didnot get any rep. i am still at 0. any ideas
Same as reconbravo- one left over and still exalted. I have heard of some people not getting rep, but do not know what the issue is. Might want to ticket it.
Hello all, I am having the same issue. I am level 90 and i just started the lorewalker cho scrolls. i followed the route given online to a t. turned in all 9 scrolls, i have the achieves for all 9 and for the addistional 2 for restoring balance and brewmasters or whatever and I am still only revered? I am at like 18091/21000 and i did all of them. i have no additional mail and lorewalker cho has nothing more for me. Please help i really wanted to get this red disc mount and i am very frustrated that I didnt get exalted. if anyone could help me i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so very much
Elvenfrost..are you in a low level guild. I didn't make it either, I think because I don't have all the guild bonuses for rep. Too low on arch on this toon to find artifacts...so I can't find any way to get the last 2k....blew it, completely wasted my time.

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