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Hi there. I took a long break from WoW, five months and its good to be back. While I was gone, I started playing SWTOR and began playing minecraft again. Now that Im back, I thought of some awesome game ideas. What I was thinking was that I love WoW style of gaming with professions, races, quest, monsters, awesome worlds, and so on and so forth. I also love how minecraft lets you build houses and adventure and live in cities on servers. Well imagine this, imagine a game where everything was WoW style with the quests, races, professions, monsters, and ect but all the ingame architecture was built by the player base and run by the player base. It would be cool to see some real people playing their chars building Ormigar or however you spell it or some people playing their chars while building stormwind or something. Imagine you being elected the orc warlord or something and you can start wars with the alliance. It would be a game of imagination and in RP. Even without this game, WoW would be so much better if people actually RP'd. I think one someone has an orc character, they should be the orc. Type like an orc so people feel imersed in the game. Im going to do a dwarf convo ,Dont be like " you wasup my peeps, just got back from school," it would be so much fun if someone was like, " 'ail travler. What can I do ye for? Oh, ye be looking for stormwind. Well dat be just up tae road. I can show ye if ye like". Or something like that. The game would be so much better, at least I think. Well enough of me talking, or typing that is, what do you think would make a great game and what do you think could make WoW better
Ive seen that before, lol
but thats not what I meant, I meant what kind of game would you make
This was a good game. If they had just left everything alone.
Vanilla was great because it was new, hard, and it was fun. Once they nerfed everything you spent weeks to get, it lost it's "flavor".
The only way to save this game is put everything back the way it was. Make everyone work as hard as the first players did all the way through to the latest level.
Use the rest of the time to perfect the Characters BLIZZ has yet to "balance".
This is the first time in 5 years I have started to look elsewhere not having anything to do with BLIZZ or partners.
I started on Runescape and it's actually harder then WoW now, lol, sad.

[You know it's sad when someone asks, "what's a Dalaran".]
10/07/2012 02:01 PMPosted by Brutalmage
This was a good game. If they had just left everything alone.

what do you mean
I did not play in vanilla

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