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Guild Recruitment
Guild Name: House of Orientation
Realm: Nesingwary

Guild Focus: Helping players in need. Primarily a leveling Guild aimed with the assistance of whatever the players inside need. Help with information, questing, locations, and dungeons. Those chosen to be in a seat of authority within the Guild are obligated to help anybody should the need arise. We will not, and shall not put anybody ahead of anybody else when it comes to helping them, although, we can individually only help one person at a time.

Guild Covers:
-Instructional advice


Currently in possession of only the Guild Charter, but I will have the Guild going soon. I am also aiming to have the support of some of my real life and real ID friends who know the game pretty much as well as I do from the Horde perspective.

While mainly aimed towards providing help to newer players, we will also accept in alternative (alt) characters. Help will be provided whether or not you are new, so don't worry.

There will be a Guild Kick Inactivity Meter (GKIM as I call it (just made it up)) that gives you the boot at 1 month of inactivity. Some exceptions will be allowed if the higher ups are notified before hand, but if not... ^_^ No hard feelings.

No resentment towards Alliance players will be shown here. You are free to 'reroll' at your leisure and will be accepted to the Guild regardless.

Cussing/Swearing, including myself (I have a bad habit that needs to be kicked,) will be kept to a minimum with the thought in mind of younger players. No arguing of any kind will be done in Guild Chat. If an Officer or myself catch it, it is a warning. Second offense = demote to no privileges. Third offense is a one-way Guild Kick. If there is a problem, take it to private chat and attempt to sort it out, or contact the Officers or myself.

Harassment will not be tolerated as well. You will only ever get 1 warning, after that, you are gone if caught harassing another player.

Currently no plans are active for securing a Ventrilo chat channel, but if the Guild grows to be large enough, we will try to make that happen.

With all of this being said, I have a Guild Charter to go finalize, and hope to see you soon. ^_^
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We are now an official Guild welcoming all.
Bump for the morning. See you forumers later!
Bump. Good evening everybody.
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Bumpasaurus Rex!

Anybody and everybody is invited to join, so long as your criminal past stays in the past.
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All are welcome, even the Alliance converts.
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Sir Bumps-alot.
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Still recruiting, just contact somebody online in the Guild to join! We, especially myself, really are helpful and will do our best to get you going right.

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