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Hello all, you must be thinking to yourself "Omwtfgu not ANOTHER bear tank" and to some extent you would be correct. So here follow is my resume and if you think that my certain flavor of bear falls within your needs feel free to hit me up Real: ID...

Character: Jayline
Server : Crushridge
Class/Race : NE Bear druid.
Level : 90
Alts: I had 14 85's. I'm currently in the process on deciding which ones to level next.

Experience End-Game Raiding:
I am another 7 year veteran of WoW. I have extensive experience with end game raiding, spent quite a few years with top 100 then top 25 guilds. I have previously earned "Grand Crusader" and understand the need and sacrifices that must be made to earn, then maintain, top raiding status.

My Spec: I understand blizzard's move to make your spec more individualized and I will explaing my spec and inform you all why I chose what I chose.

Tier 1) I chose Feral Charge over Feline Swiftness because I believe in majority of fights in this new expansion the need for Charge is still prevelant. It will allow us, as tanks, precious 1 or 2 GCD to start to build threat or allow us to position the boss in a better location.

Tier 2) I use Renewal in conjuction with Ursoc and my other defensive cd's and it acts similar to a paladin's "Lay of Hands" it ensures that at at time I can go from Sub 10% to Full health with a simple macro.. With the outlook of healers and the uncertainity that always follows an expansion I believe early on this will save countless wipes in the beginning of raiding.

Tier 3) I chose FFS over the other two because I really thought the others were relatively in-effective in a boss encounter.. I understand that during trash it could be used for CC but it still doesn't help when it matters.

Tier 4) I believe incarnation is the only true viable raid choice.

Tier 5) Vortex I chose to help wrangle and CC other mobs... It also helps out during trash clears and when in a rush.

Tier 6) Chose Heart of the wild for it's passive buff, but I also believe once gear improves Nature's Vigil will overcome HotW.

Hopefully I have illustrated my ability to clearly think about all options during the selection of my spec.. But I understand they make Tome of Clarity for a reason and things can and should be switched at a moments notice if a different option is better.


I would like to find a guild that is very active, not only with their mains, but also their alts. Some guild that is striving for atleast server first, if not close to it. I would prefer to stay Alliance but if the best fit is Horde, then so be it. I would like to find a guild that isn't clickish, but willing and easily accepts new members as their own. I am tired of finding, what I think is a right fit, only to find 2-3 seperate clicks that if you like this person you cannot associate with that one. I would like to find a guild that has a ultimate common goal, of downing bosses....

Well I think that is about enough for an initial introduction and if you would provie an IM, Email or Battletag and look forward to finding a new home...
Challenge Accepted is a hardcore and realm first seeking team, formed by the old HC raiding team from TheBrethren (tier 11). Throughout Cataclysm, we have built our roster and our cohesion to excel at raiding and reach for higher US rankings. We are now ready to hit MoP and compete with the best. Our long journey of weeding out and building is over, we are now a war machine ready for tier 14 and beyond.
We treat every one of our members with respect and encourage anyone who wants to be part of a fresh and active guild to make this guild their home.
All casuals, friends, GDKPers and raiding enthusiast are welcomed.

We are currently accepting all casuals and friends. No app is required if you have a referal from within the guild.
If u have a raid team and wish to be affiliated with our guild ( free repair, mats, vent, pots), PSW an officer and we can discuss a merge.

Our goal is to form a raiding haven with excellent standards on Khadgar.
Hopefuls for the hardcore raiding team should read on.

1/6 Vaults (Only 2 hours of legit raiding first week)

1 Tank (druid/monk/dk/warrior)
1 healer ( druid/monk/pally)
All exceptional applications will also be considered for a core spot.

Raid times
Tues (8-11 est)
Wed (8-11 est)
Sun (8-11 est)

Group 2

We are separate from group 1 and have our own oriented goals which will be one of the top groups on the realm. We are also in the process of establishing ourselves and are quite hardcore in raid progression. If interested go and app at and indicate you are applying for group 2. Raid times are yet to be decided but currently we raid 2 days a week if needed. We are just taking it easy till MoP but once MoP hits be prepared to go into a hardcore raiding schedule. After establishing ourselves we expect to be a top US 200 group and pushing group 1 for realm firsts.

If you want to talk to someone in game please whisper:
Illidine (
Malthos (
Bumping for the night..
You sound like a good fit short of one thing you said. "Striving for server first". We are not a hardcore guild, so our progression is not that fast. I would consider our raid group somewhere in between casual and hardcore. We're a really fun group - drama free. People have lots of alts in the guild. Vent is active outside of raids. Everyone gets along very well. Any issues that might arise are dealt with promptly.

Our times are Mon/Wed 4:00 - 7:00 PST (7:00 - 10:00 EST).

We require:
-vent with a mic that doesn't make me want to put a sharp object in my ear
-a sense of humor
-the ability to take light criticism

What I offer:
I try my best to make our raid group a place where showing up doesn't feel like work. Where people want to come because it's fun and enjoyable. Where the group can joke around, and get bosses down. But where getting bosses down doesn't come at the expense of someones feelings. A place where people don't get yelled at in or out of raids. Where criticism is kind and constructive. I feel a good raid environment is also a place where strategies can be discussed, and ideas are never flat out vetoed.

We are an adult guild, and as such chat is not filtered.

If you're interested and would like to know more, you can contact me on my realID or you can go to our website, I can also be contacted at the email above directly.
Facetious is currently in need of a tank (pref DPS OS) for progression into MoP. We are looking for raiders with experience in the class/role they are looking to fill. Raid nights are Tuesday-Thursday 9pm-12 Central.

Perhaps you would be interested in a Trial with <Facetious>? Here's a little background;

This guild was formed near the end of DS so as a guild we don't have much in the way of Raid achievements. However, our raid leadership and core players come from a long line of serious progression raiding including multiple server first kills and experience since Vanilla/BC with most. (Pre nerf Firelord, Sinestra, Heroic Ali'kir, as well as a clear of DS on day of release and 6/8HM progression pre nerf)

The guild I personally raided with in Firelands/DS fell apart when we lost a healer (on the day of 5% nerf) and could not find a suitable replacement where we were. Since then I have taken the initiative to start up a guild and form a 10 man raid with the intent of being considered a Semi-hardcore raiding guild.

I fear since we are a week behind (we haven't raided mogu'shan vaults this week) and since we are now on an extremely popular realm we don't have any server firsts in our near future, though we do expect to have a serious presence in the raiding scene.

We are currently searching for a tank with experience in raiding, we are looking for our tanks to share the burden of having to DPS OS.

If you are interested at all we would love to give you a trial including a small ventrilo interview and possibly a challenge mode or Heroic run or two. Please add Raeza#1208 to get in contact with me.


You sound like you would fit in well with my guild. We are a small tight knit group, fairly newly formed but with lots of experience. As mentioned above we are on a large server and server firsts are most likely out of reach but with a very progression minded group we plan on holding our own and killing stuff dead.

Get in touch! Would love to chat. Join the Horde, we have cookies!

Edit: I have 7 more 85's as well and are also planning on running alt raids and things. I love alts!
Hey Jayline! Here is our info, hope to hear from you =) (If you can contact me at to chat through email until I get home later today.)

<Acuity> is an Alliance endgame raiding on the Mannoroth that is aimed at actively progressing through MoP content.We encourage attention and accuracy during raid encounters but strive to create a fun atmosphere for all involved. We expect everyone’s attendance as well as their best performance during raid times.

<Acuity> is looking for members who have a great attitude; who are prepared, reliable, driven toward self-improvement, and able to execute raid strategies. <Acuity> also would like to emphasize that we are a team. The success of the team is greater than that of the individual, and we expect each of our members to understand and respect this.

<Acuity> is 8/8 HM in DS.

We are currently running a 10m raid with the following raid times:
Core 1: Wednsday/Thursday/Sunday: 8pm-12pm Server-Eastern.

Currently in need of bear tank that knows his/her class and gems/reforges properly, and can make the scheduled raid times. **Paid Transfer**
Speak to Officers: Misplay( or
GM: Ascendancy at ascendancy#1248(battletag)

Casual/PVP/Leveling members: OPEN INVITES
Recruitment for accomplished, knowledgeable players is always open.
All apps are considered.
What days and times are you available to raid? Are you looking for 10 man or 25?

Send me an email at Willing to pay for transfer if accepted. Raid times Wed and Thur 8:30pm - 12:30am EST 10man
We are not super active with alts in general. We did 1 alt run in Cata, and will likely do 1 alt run in MOP. However, our server is incredibly active with pugs and they are of generally high caliber. We are not server first and never will be - we have Exodus on our server. Here is our recruitment info and you can take a look:

My battletag: Manamonster#1212

Current Need
Highly experienced & dedicated raider with previous history of top 200 US kills throughout multiple tiers of content is preferred. Most importantly we are looking for a player who is willing to put the guilds success above their own personal glory and help us continue to successfully raid 10mans on a relaxed raiding schedule.

We are currently looking for: (ranged dps is high priority)

Monk - Healer/Tank
Druid - Moonkin
Shaman - Resto
Priest - Disc/Holy

We run a very lean roster, and do not believe in recruiting for the bench so you will have a raid spot.

Raid Times
Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday from 7pm to 11pm CST. We strictly raid stated hours and no more. There is a possibility we may push back raiding to 7:30 but that is still in discussions.

In Game: Roylez, Manamonster, Ryxsyn, Stickymeet, Grumpygal, Manabanana, Ticklepickle, Manameat, Mananananana, Bajingobomb

The majority of the guild have been playing together for years and have all played in top 50 / top 20 guilds prior to recently reforming. Devierum was established on (US - Malfurion) back in 2004 and by the end of TBC had worked its way up to the TOP guild on the server obtaining server firsts through out Black Temple & Sunwell including both pre-nerf Muru & KJ kills.We aim to provide a fun atmosphere of friends while still maintaining a focus driven raiding environment. As a bunch of re-roll characters starting 2 weeks in to DS in blues / crappy epics, we managed to finish the tier with a top 300 heroic madness kill without any legendaries, on a strict 12 hour schedule, and significantly behind the gear curve. Though we are not focused on our rank, we will certainly be aiming for better during this new tier of content and look forward to adding some skill and depth to our current roster.


  • Full knowledge of the class and spec you are applying as. We are not interested in educating people on how to play, if you are not confident in your ability to do what your spec and class is intended for in a raiding environment, please save us both time and apply when you have the confidence.
  • Strong drive to theorycraft, read up on your class, come up with strategies, and generally spend large amounts of time outside of raid improving yourself and contributing to the guild.
  • We expect you to have a baseline amount of knowledge of most encounters in an instance before coming to the raid. Although our strategies for bosses may be unique or unorthodox you can get a working idea of the mechanics of every fight via our forums or various websites like this one.
  • You must have a computer that allows you to perform well in a raid environment and a stable internet connection. If you DC all night long or consistently get unplayable lag on raids, do not bother wasting our time or yours.
  • Be mature and not easily offended. Off-color comments are thrown around a great deal on mumble. If you have sensitive ears or are easily offended this is not the place for you.

If you are self-motivated and have a serious attitude about the game, enjoy a relaxed but focused 3 day raid schedule, and are a reliable raider, we'd like to have you. I would ask you please put some effort into your application, having one word answers to each question only shows how little interest you have for joining.

With that being said, if you believe we are what you're looking for, then feel free to visit our website for additional information. If you have further questions or would like to discuss our recruitment process, create a character on Cho’gall and get in touch with Roylez, Manamonster, or Bajingobomb.
Bump.... Some good prospects. Will be getting into contact with each of you later this evening.

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