[H]Rage Quitters wants you...

Guild Recruitment
To Rage Quit your current server/guild and join ours.

We are a level 25 raiding guild and we desperately need some fresh blood on this server and in our guild. Don't get me wrong, the server isn't dead. However, it is incredibly hard to recruit people on our server as most of them are in a single guild that lures people in with the call of top tier raiding, then keeps them when they don't make the elite raiding team with the fact that they get to be elite by association.

We, on the other hand, think you should be elite not by association but by action. We are tired of watching all of these other guilds that aren't good, but they get stuff done simply through sheer force of numbers.

Before MoP came out we ran multiple raiding teams several times throughout the week. Unfortunately the guild got started late in the expansion and things sort of hit a rough spot towards the end of Cata and beginning of MoP. So now we are pretty much starting from the ground up.

What we offer
  • Multiple Raiding Days
  • A laid back group of fun and interesting people
  • Drive to get things done and experience current content in the current expansion
  • Private hosted TeamSpeak3 Server
  • Website with Forums (Yea, no one really uses these anymore but they are nice to have)
  • Level 25 Guild
  • Welcome and friendly people
  • Good repair and bank access

Our Goals
Pre Mists we were running two 10 man runs twice a week. For this we are looking to get back to have multiple raiding teams, and we really want to get the raiding teams up to doing 25 man runs.

Current Schedule
Fridays at 7:00pm PST (Server Time)
Sundays at 6:00pm PST

If your interested, and you would be willing to migrate servers and/or guilds, please either contact me via the website or in game via BattleTag as TheMFingYeti#1388 or apply at http://www.ragequitters.org
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