Ring of valor bugged

Bug Report
The arena "ring of valor" has clearly been bugged and causing people to crash repeatably, take the arena down until you are able to fix the problem. This has been present for over 5 days now with no sign of fixing it. pull your head in blizzard its really not that hard.
I have had this issue a few times talked to a few friends they said its broken sometimes for them as well, when it messed up for me it counted the game as a loss.

Please fix this.

Also the arena threads are filled with rage at this because the map is not being disabled and its causing alot of people to lose games just because of the bug to the point that I know a few gladiator players right now are not playing because this issue can cause them to lose valuable rating.

I am waiting for this to be fixed as well currently arena does not work for me very well because I got the map a few times in both 2's and three's and at the end of both those the last loss for those were us just leaving before the game started because we knew we would bug out and WoW would crash again.

Also I run NO addons for WoW when doing arena more so at the start of an expansion because it often causes bugs so this is not an addon issue by a long shot.

This is all the information on the matter that I know
Please look into this. Fix it or remove the arena. I have lost around 10 games this week from my partner DCing in RoV
This has been happening to me and a few people in my guild as well, only on RoV, so frustrating.

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