More Strength Or Critical Strike?

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So I've got a few equips that I don't know which one to use.

1st Option:
Earthbound Girdle of the Soldier (Waist)
+5 Strength
+5 Stanima
+5 Critical Strike

2nd Option:
Sparkleshell Belt of the Bear
+7 Strength
+7 Stanima

Which would be better to use?
More strength and no Crit Strike or Less strength and some Crit strike?

Honestly? It doesn't really matter. Min-maxing your stats this way doesn't really have any noticeable effect until you hit max level. Either one would be fine. You'll be replacing either belt in a few levels.

And I don't know what's the correct answer for your level anyway. No one's done any stat weights for level 36, and no one will.

What would I have picked if I were leveling? Probably the one with crit. But that's just because I'm subconsciously using my vague impression of max level stat weights (haven't played a warrior in a while, but crit is their best secondary stat after hit/expertise, and usually 2.5 points of someone's best secondary stat beats 1 point of primary). But that doesn't mean anything because a lot of warrior mechanics are missing at your lower level and so the max level stat weights are totally inapplicable anyway. It's basically a different, really mathy, way of tossing a coin.
Use whichever one is already soulbound so you can still sell the other one.

As Clysia said, the difference is minimal, and won't make enough of a difference while leveling to stress over.

While you're leveling, if a gear decision seems like a toss-up, it is. Go with whatever has the highest iLevel, whatever looks best, whatever gets you the most gold, etc. Obvious upgrades will be pretty obvious.
The difference between the two is small.

In general, primary stats will give better returns than secondary stats.

In this case, +2STR and +2STM is worth more than +5 crit rating.

But in the end you'll swap it with a new piece fairly quickly and if the +7STR/STM belt isn't soulbound, you may be able to sell it in AH.

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