Elemental VS Melee

I have the hardest time versing melee 1v1, i'd have to say mostly because they always get back on me right after I get them off me.

Any tips or hints on how to beat melee? (Warrior, Death Knight, Enhancement) ?
Elemental sucks 1v1. It is their weakness.
10/08/2012 11:20 AMPosted by Aghator
Elemental sucks 1v1. It is their weakness.

So frustrating.
elemental is just one legged class in general. (s8 is only exception)
The answer for me is... I just don't do it unless I have no choice. Then I depend on them being out of cooldowns or just flat out bad. It happens with ranged, too.

Hunter: silencing shot, intimidation, insane burst
Mage: silence, interrupt with silence, stun, burst
Warlock/Spriest: fear, dot, fear, dot, fear, burst
Boomkins: aoe silence, dot, slow, dot, drawn back to silence, burst

We have...
interrupt (fair, but lacks range)
frog (hardcast, long CD, makes druids laugh)
roots (nice... but just works on melees)
slow (which we never cast except in FCs and vehicles...)
stun (5 sec delay, long CD, resistible)
and that's about it.

Yes. We must be the only spec in the whole game with a crappy stun and no blanket.

The class design is just... there's no polite word for it. I still play it, though. Because I love the class, love the mechanics, I'm stubborn and every time I piss people off with "why doesn't that cow just drop dead?" or become primary target on the basis of "get that cow out of there NOW or we won't cap/pass/destroy/kill (you name it)" I consider it a personal victory as a gamer.

Example: I usually go for the glaives in IoC, and almost every time I blow one of them to bits. Then I can type in BG chat: "Glaive down. And I'm a shaman. What are you stealthies and hunters doing?" ;) But I guess that's just me.

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