mmr and team ratings

Currently in its unreset state teams that play the first week can hit their old cap of 3k which puts them at the top in just a short amount of time. This system basically can decide who gets gladiator inside of the first 2 weeks of a new season. With classes and abilities being unbalanced players using what time they have to exploit this imbalance will simply sit on their teams to reap the rewards of this season.

Teams need to have decaying rating or MMR when not played.

Also since MMR can never seem to be fixed it would be nice to have the old arena system implemented. You play at your rating. Queing into people at your own rating regardless of MMR.

So many seasons ive tried to come back on my shaman who is 2500mmr and can't because even with honor gear once your behind a full seasons of epics you can't really compete against equal players having less gear.

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