PVP while in Pet battles

Pet Battles
You cant see a pet battle

but while in a pet battle you can be engaged

and knowcked out of your battle .. some times then finding cant do anything but die

People are griefing by waiting for pet batlers to start a battle and then PVP ing them

Ok .. you could say .. its fair o a pVp server , but you lose the rare you are battling and it may be "safe" when u start and at turn 17 some one comes along
I do believe Blizzard said you get a few second reprieve and the exact same pets you were battling will respawn for you.
You rolled on a pvp server so you can gank and be ganked. This is no different than being ambushed when taming a rare on a hunter, or fishing, mining, herbing, questing.
A 85 rogue broke me out of a battle once, i turned to him oneshot him, the pet i battled was back afterwards. Doesn't stop someone from taking your pet while you fight though.
Also, your pets will still have taken dmg but earned no xp. Very annoying for the 8m revive CD.
You do get a few seconds of immunity from my understanding. It is a pvp server, so you cannot expect to be immune during a pet battle. It would become a means of an easy escape for some classes and night elves.

A night elf could shadowmeld then go into a pet battle and be immune. That seems more unreasonable than the current alternative.

If you find yourself frustrated at the hands of pvp during your pet battles, a dk alt is a quick and easy alternative on a pve server to get some pets.

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