Quick! Down and Dirty Fire Rotation/Priority?

Arcane mage needing quick summary of best fire rotation for PvE raiding. Any of you elite fire mages wanna share?
Come on, guys. Help a busy girl out here...
living bomb --> fireball until crit --> IB --> pyroblast! -- > combustion

Depending on your choice of Tier 5 talent:
apply Nether Tempest and always refresh it right before the last tick;
apply Living Bomb and refresh it right before or right after the last tick (the expiring Living Bomb will explode in both cases);
cast Frost Bomb on cooldown.
Cast Pyroblast when Pyroblast! procs.
Cast Inferno Blast when Heating Up procs and Inferno Blast is off cooldown.
Inferno Blast will always crit, transforming Heating Up into Pyroblast!
Cast Fireball.

You'll also notice that Inferno Blast travels faster than fireball, so you be cast it right after a fireball release so the fireball doesn't reset your heating up.

Combustion, ideall,y should be cast on a good pyro last crit, but an amazing fireball crit CAN also be acceptable.
keep pyromaniac up.

when your bomb falls off and you have a heating up:
use IB before reapplying the bomb
reapply the bomb before casting the instant pyro... unless pyromaniac is still up in which case it doesn't matter much which you do first the bomb or the pyro.

it's pretty simple after that:
If you can manage to get most of the cast off before the tank pulls, start with a full cast pyroblast on pulls.

Use alter time when you have 2+ of the spec procs (heating up=1, pyroblast!=2, pyroblast and heating up both=3). These procs are the best things to use with alter time. tracking and using the effect for other buffs helps but from what im reading atm those prcs far outweigh the other buffs.

Don't be afraid to cast combustion early on. it's a very short CD and you can use it multiple times in a fight. The longer you wait the bigger hit you will take on the meters.

Optimal Combustion is used after two back to back instant pyroblasts. Having a bomb active does not effect combustion like it did in cata.
only use frostfire bolt if you glyph for it.
for pvp dont get the combustion glyph b/c the time effect of the glyph effects your stun CD.
For pve you can use the combustion glyph but unless the boss has an increased damage taken phase it's not mandatory.
Wow! Thanks guys! Ya'all rock! I super appreciate it. :-D

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