Switching factions - Troll or Tauren?

Hi all,

I had a Tauren Druid pretty much since launch day. I went Alliance for a few months but honestly felt like a bit of a traitor - once Horde, always Horde!

So I purchased a paid faction transfer and am wondering if Trolls really do have it going on, or if I should become a walking hamburger once again. The Berseking trait does seem pretty hawt, but there is nothing like a good War Stomp. Thoughts are welcome before I push the button - thank you!
Troll has a personal mini-lust. Tauren... well, they can try to hardcast a stun for a sec. I always pick troll, and often miss it.
I personally prefer troll (go figure :P), berserking is very nice <3

When I was tauren before you could be a troll, I hardly used war stomp outside of pvp.
Obviously you should be ...


Choices aren't important.

Seriously tho, the cows have better emotes, but trolls are just... awesome.
Tauren, just because troll flight form is butt fricking ugly.
No they aren't! Troll's flight form is unique! So are their bear and cat. Moonkin if you like the nice orange-black color tone.
Anyway, I'd rather look like an ugly bat with tusks than just another bird in the sky.
Female? Tauren, troll women are ugly.

Caster? Troll for Berserk.

Otherwise I went troll myself, and I am considering paladin for a tauren.
If you want to be an herbalist, go Tauren. Nothing beats swooping right next to a mob, plucking some herbs, and then flying off just as he finally aggros.

More stam, better looking forms, warstomp since you can use it in forms now.

I know a few ppl that swear by warstomp. Plus, all druid gear looks better on taurens.
10/10/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Koritora
warstomp since you can use it in forms now.

i was unaware of this. That's great news to cow-cat pvp :o
Tauren for the better looking forms. Plus warstomp is godly for tanking.

Also, if you do herbalism, Tauren druids are like the walmart of herbalists. So big and efficient nobody can compete with them.
I love the cows, we have the only original looking boomkin form. we get stuck in doors
we actually make a moo sound when we moo, we make all mounts 2x bigger

whats not to love!?!?!
My big question is what profesions does your druid have?

If one of them is herbalism, tauren is the answer to your question.

Flight form + faster herbalism = pick herbs in flight form with an enemy right on top of the node

If not then either will do.

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