Balance damage doesn't feel "good"

Yeah it's pretty bad. I'm trying to stick it out and hope for better gear before my raid leader kicks me out the group.

I don't mind being dead last on the charts. Someone has to be there but it looks bad when I'm 7k under our lowest and we are rockin' the same item levels. I'm almost 30k under our chart topers, granted they have their 2p set bonus. But I have a feeling even with my set bonus it's not going to catch me up the way I think it is. (Blizzard has made sure our set bonuses are crap ever since t11?) *the one that turned us all into pure gods*

DoC rotation isn't working for me at all, I know how to do it but it's worse dps then the other two rotation not sure why (maybe I'm stopping to healing touch at the wrong time?) . Inc/NV is meh and borning but it's doable and reliable. Even then I get a nice dps burst out of it but if the fight is long it feels pretty meaningless and unsatisfying.

The most fun I've had is with the Mooncat rotation! Love it!!!! It's so different from the other two. But it's a high risk high reward rotation. It puts you in melee range of bosses. Right now being new to -MoP- raiding I notice a lot of fights are melee-unfriendly so until I learn whens a good time to mooncat it up in those fights I'm stuck with the Incar/NV rotation and feeling like a sad sack of feathers. -I might give the DoC another try...might-

It's always been like this for moonkins. Everything is so annoying at low gear levels. I have both a mage and hunter neither one is as a hassle. The most I did for my mage was go to a site to tweek my gear so I was hit caped, other then that I could just look at my toon and see what I needed as far as other stats go based on my spec. I'd go into a raid and have fun while doing good dps for the crap gear I was in.

With a moonkin I have to go to the school of hard knocks and hunker down with books and spread sheets and a abacus! WHO USES ABACUSES ANYMORE? Just to end up feeling more lost and confused then before I walked into the school!

This class was not made for low gear (I guess thats a D'uh to all who know better) All classes do bad in low gear but we do dirt in low gear.

I feel it's not fair to new players and I feel bad seeing all these topics needing so much help to understand this spec or thinking they are so bad at it.
Everyone seems confused about this spec, new and old players. About rotation about why some people are doing so bad while others are not there's confusion about our starfall, there's confusion about our stats there's confusion about our aoe.

Moonkin cast Confusion: It's super effective!
10/09/2012 06:22 PMPosted by Vaedrin
Also, don't bother trying to get a group for Challenge Modes... you either break CC with Starfall or do assrag damage without. The "CC friendly" part of that spell flat out doesn't work. Hasn't ever been 100% reliable.

A good balance druid does solid damage + provides great utility for challenge modes especially when combined with an ele shaman.
10/09/2012 05:16 PMPosted by Cerbion
This is actually a loss of dps, Just sayin.

Compared to...?

I'm decently geared,

You're not, really. I don't mean that as an insult, I know we're all still gearing up. But I wouldn't call your current level of gear "decent" even by gearing-up standards. I noticed a HUGE DPS jump just going from fresh into heroics to mostly heroics gear. Get some more 463 gear and you should see it too.

I had a similar issue with balance at the beginning of Cataclysm.

If your problem is you can't wait out the gear, I'd suggest playing another class til at least partway through this tier. As in WotLK, as in Cata, and now in MoP, we are very, very gear dependent. Specifically, secondary stats do a LOT for us. We tend to struggle in early tiers and are godly in later tiers. It's just the way the class is. Some have the damage right out the door, and it stays more or less the same. We start out at the bottom and end up at the top.

Sorry, I didn't actually have my balance gear equipped when I posted this, so whatever was in my armory was very off. Anyhow, I am comparing myself to other classes wearing similar gear. I haven't played my druid in several days, and in that time, I was able to get my mage to 90 and get a couple pieces of gear through LFR for him. My mage completely destroys (destroyed?) my moonkin in damage as fire spec.

With that said, I did a five man dungeon tonight on my mage and happen to get paired with a moonkin that was sitting around ilvl 475, while my mage is around ilvl 464 (my moonkin is 466 if that matters). On boss fights, my mage was actually having a hard time keeping up with him. I was generally around 70-85k dps, while he was pretty consistently hitting 90-110k. Recount was showing moonfire and sunfire dots as being where most of his damage was coming from. Viewing his profile and mine in armory, our spell power, crit, and haste are similr, though I have a bit more haste/crit where he had a bit more mastery.

Is there supposed to be a lot more moonfire/sunfire spam going on all the time now? Seems like the usual rotation has a hard time keeping up with that?
I'm the most undergeared DPS of my raidgroup, but I compete. I'm holding my weight. But I still feel we need tweaking... Not sure where to begin. It's an issue with our toolset as a whole, I think. I really don't know how to describe what I feel when I play boomkin, but I feel we should be doing better than we currently are. Idk how to explain it... Maybe someone else can.
I have to say that I'm fine with our toolset, and I like the feeling of our rotation. I'm okay with Hurricane being our primary AOE spell, but I wish it wasn't so weak compared to other AOEs.

However... this Solar=AOE, Wrath hitting like a wet noodle even when Eclipse-buffed garbage needs fixed. It puts us at a severe disadvantage whenever something needs burned *right now* and we aren't in Lunar.
I haven't ever had any moments where I felt I could kill something quickly outside of CDs ;(
10/09/2012 02:13 AMPosted by Eluial
We start out at the bottom and end up at the top.

How soon we forget Dragon Soul. We most certainly were NOT at the top.

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