My real account has been hacked!

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I've been sitting here staring at my computer screen looking at all my WoW characters lose all their clothes while I stare at this screen giving me hollow promises about fixing my account.

They changed my email as well. Will that affect the restoration? Please help me. I'm having major anxiety.
If they changed your e-mail, that means that they have access to your e-mail account as well as wow. That means that you REALLY need to secure your computer ASAP!! There's definitely some malicious software somewhere that's gathering this information and giving it to hackers.

Before you worry about wow, worry about your computer's security or it will happen again and they will likely steal more than just a game account!

Then check this link to recover your account:
That's depressing. Thanks though. I'll keep trying to scan with Malwarebytes. :<
I'll keep trying to scan with Malwarebytes. :<

When you scan open up the wow client and put some gibberish in the password field. Some bad programs will only show themselves when there is info to steal.

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