Zen Sphere: Detonate nerf?

I raided on Thursday doing Feng on 25m, and using zen sphere: detonate i was push 85-100k hps each attempt. Today (monday) with a couple upgrades and same exacty healing team and strat it wasn't doing more than 60k hps tops with the same exact strategy. I can't seem to find anything on a hotfix or nerf; can anyone clarify if there was a nerf or if I'm just crazy?
There was a large nerf / hotfix, yes.
I was an unintended bug that was never fixed before live. The heal from Zen Sphere: Detonate had no AoE Cap, like most other spells without a target limit.
They also reduced the AoE by 80%, as far as I can tell (in addition to capping the AoE). Then again, based on where I was getting the data, it could just as easily have been a 50% nerf. I'm not sure whether the figures I was getting were single-target detonations or 25-target detonations.
I'm no Mistweaver, but my God I hope they don't touch my precious Chi Wave. That move on my Brewmaster...

Let's just say I asked my healer not to do anything on Coren Direbrew, and I did 21k HPS and kept the entire party up, between my 40k Chi Wave hit's bouncing around constantly and my 120k+ Guard bubbles from Ox Statue. AND I topped the dps meters.

God I love this class for PvE tanking.

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