Need some help with PvP.

So I am currently PvPing with a frost mage and I feel, very weak. I have 56% res, and 34% PvP power but all the classes I should be doing well against I am sucking right now.

Warrior - At least 3 gap closers, 3 silences and once they fall below 30% they regen health as a very substantial rate. I cannot blink because of gap closers, I have a hard time lining up burst because of Spell reflect and distance silence. I might get luck if they do not snare but that is rare.

DK - Spell immune, 2 Death grips (with 4 piece), and instant heals with the ghoul. And possible 2 range silences alone with snares. This makes it hard to line up any sort of burst besides jumping around and Ice Lancing.

Rogues - I have not had many encounters with them, but with free crippling poison (4 piece) and no CD on Shadow step (just 60 energy) they can easily stay on top of us. Kick and garrotex2 make this a challenging fight. But again not too much practice against them.

Locks - HP to 100%. Plus immune to spells.

Hunters - We do not even need to talk about how OP they are ATM.

Healers - With no MS makes it very difficult to kill and impossible with LoS.

So either I am doing something very wrong with my mage, or we are weak in PvP atm.

I will say that I do not use alter time because I have not figured out the best way to use it. But if our ability to PvP effective is based on a 1.5min CD then we do have problems as a class overall.

Any tips, hints would be appreciated. Thanks
tips pray they get nerf

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