TM - Tainted Morals (lvl25 horde) Recruiting

Emerald Dream
Tainted Morals is recruiting for our MoP raiding teams. Were a 10m focused guild, that also takes part in RBG's/WPVP during off nights.

Tainted Morals has rerolled from Hakkar-US Alliance side, where we were the #1 25m Raiding Guild From Vanilla up until and through dragon soul's release. Since then majority of our members decided to quit the game and take up other endeavors, so a small group of the core, decided for a change and came here, and went horde.

Some of the slots were looking to fill are but are not limited too, to begin MoP raiding ASAP are:

- 1-2 Tanks
- 3-4 healers
- Rest of classes/specs are invited at officer's discretion.

Our aim is to have at least 2 10m groups running and clearing content weekly. If you have any other questions/comments/concerns feel free to PM myself (Tronicks), Kennek or Brangwin in game, and we'll be more than happy to respond.

We also use Raidcall, which is a free voice chat program, that acts also like a contact list as well. Its free and easy to setup, and also requires less memory to run than Skype, Ventrillo, or mumble. Raidcall will be mandatory for raids, so installing this should not be an issue, upon app'ing.

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