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I recently started playing my rogue in the MoP starting zone and I have been noticing that when I am not even in combat my stealth just drops. After checking the combat log I find that there is no damage that is done, it just drops stealth for no reason. No dots, no random damage, no mobs around that can "see" me. Just dropping stealth. Is anyone else having this issue?
serves you right for playing such a pathetic class
Says the level 10 mage with 580 achieve points. lol. Come back at me when you "grow up" a bit.
Not in your zone, but Well of Eternity drops my stealth when Illidan puts the cloak on party. No combat or damage. It just turns off stealth. Good luck getting a response from Blizzard. I've been waiting for them to fix WoE since 5.0.4.
Stealth is falling off all over the place. Has been happening since MOP launch if not before. It is ruining bgs for me and Ill just be running along and it will drop for no reason. A lot of people have tried to pinpoint the cause, like recup ticking, or a bleed on a target ticking. The only thing i noticed is when i am stealthed and i pick up a speed boost in WSG tunnel it breaks, every time.

Its getting very frustrating, and I can only hope its something that will be fixed soon
I've found it breaks if you're around say these guys: who can turn off your stealth if you walk too close to them. If you have your character scale the walls/stay as close as possible to the walls, your stealth won't break.

Though, I will say that it's annoying to have to wait the six seconds to use stealth again when you're trying to get a good sized chunk of HP off of an elite/enemy.

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