Deathknights and shields.

Death Knight
Is it just me or would Death knights having an ability to use shields be awesome. Throughout WOTLK I've noticed a lot of mobs and bosses being an unholy type of tank role with shields.
Just a thought.
Shields are for pansies who can't take a punch to the face.
blood presence would have to be nerfed to compensate us being able to use shields

no thanks sir. 2h tanking is the way dks tank. if you want to wear a shield and tank reroll pally or warrior
But then we wouldnt be DPTanks
No way. That is a horrible idea. If you want to tank with a shield, there are 2 other classes for that.
10/09/2012 06:38 PMPosted by Phokas
Back in Wrath, Forceful Deflection was your "shield".

Now, every strength toon converts Strength to Parry. DKs did it first without the need for a shield.

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