What new proc UI effects would you like?

Personally I would love to have one for when Predatory Swiftness procs: checking for the specific buff every time I do a non-5-point finisher is annoying, and it would be doubly handy if the UI was something that grew smaller or faded over time as the timer ran down. It's especially important for Druids that choose Dream of Cenarius to make the most of the Damage buff it gives.
I'm pretty sure I am allowed to post this here, but check out Predator Swiftness Tracker by Miirkat. It's a nifty little addon that does exactly what you're looking for!

I think this still works

If not Weak Auras is awesome.

P.S. I miss Miirkat :/

P.S. I miss Miirkat :/

Me too. *pat*

*downloads yet another addon*

Kinda wish Blizzard would hire these guys to put all these nifty UI options into the default game.

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