resto pvp questions

for red, do I gem pure int or int/pvp power?

for yellow do I gem resil or something else?

which is the worst secondary stat crit or mastery?

what glyphs should I use?
do I get mana back if my lifebloom gets dispelled?

also do I ever need to use resto wild mushroom in pvp or should I just take it off my bars.
No you don't get your mana back when your heals are dispelled. Although when lifebloom is dispelled, it will bloom. They nerfed resto shrooms to hell. They are essentially useless outside of a raid fight where a majority of the raid stacks on one another, and even still then it's not that great. Mastery is by far the best secondary stat for resto Druids in pvp now. Crit is 2nd and haste is 3rd (though haste isn't bad if u can get an additional tick on rejuv or LB). The reasoning behind not stacking haste (other than to reach the soft caps) is because ur just not going to have much time to free cast, so you get much more out of mastery than haste. So I guess u could say Crit is the worst secondary stat until u get the haste soft caps.

As far as spirit goes, just get as much as you need (IE: when mana isn't a problem anymore, u should stop getting spirit). The glyphs Mulrakh suggested seem to be the popular ones for resto druid pvp.Though if you don't want the glyph of blooming, the glyph of bark skin is a good choice.
i need some help with play style and strategies, particularly what to do when enemies are attacking me, it seems like i'm very squishy and die every easily in a stunlock smokebomb, silence, or w/e. Either that or while I'm cced without trinket my teammates get blown up. my resil isnt very high but still I have several pieces of dreadful and contender. I notice other resto druids survive very easily, and can keep their partners alive even while running around behind LOS. dunno what i'm doing wrong.
why don't you post on your druid.
you can shift to avoid some cc
you can use barkskin while stunned and cenarion ward while silenced although ns is just to good to pass up.
best advice is stop getting cc'd and stop getting stun locked.
your welcome

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